Most Haunted Places In Bangalore Will Freak Out Your Mind!!


Bangalore is a planned city, and you cannot expect anything ghostly in such a busy city. But it looks like wherever there is human, ghosts are inevitable. Here are the most haunted places in Bangalore that will freak out even the brave hearts.



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1. Kalpalli Cemetery




Also known as St. John's Cemetery where visitors always complain about paranormal activities even during daylight. There is always an eerie feeling in the air and even security guards do not stay after dark.




2. Terra Vera




This is a haunted house where two sisters were murdered brutally. Many reported strange happenings and the house was brought down yet people complain about paranormal activities in the region.




3. Bangalore International Airport



One of the major wings of the airport is considered to be haunted as pilots often complain about seeing an old woman in the runway. They have her picture on camera.




4. Victoria Hospital




Many have confessed about seeing a ghostly figure who snatches away food packet and vanish into the air. The ghost was a patient in the hospital who died prematurely.




5. NH 4 Highway




People often report about a pretty lady in a white dress asking for a lift. Then when they stop their cars, she vanishes and reappears and starts laughing in a weird tone.




6. M.G. Road Call Center




The story goes like that a young girl who used to work in this call center died in a road accident and henceforth, people working in night shift hear loud cries of that girl coming from nowhere.




7. Hoskote Route




An old lady appears in this route and asks people for a lift. She then asks them to step out of the vehicle to help her get inside it. It is said that the spirit cannot enter the vehicle due to the presence of holy pictures.




8. Whitefield




It is a residential area and residents often complain about hearing a loud cry and scream of a lady at midnight. The source of the sound is yet to be detected, and it seems that it comes from of thin air from all direction.




9. Banyan Tree In Tiptur Area




This particular area is completely haunted. People passing by this tree had been possessed by evil spirits and they eventually died. The local people cut down the tree, and still, everyone avoids the area.




10. Sewage Plant – Wind Tunnel Road




The sewage plant workers have registered many reports claiming that they heard evil sounds, ghosts, and spirits floating across the sewage plant. Some believe many people were murdered here.


These are the major haunted places in Bangalore that you must avoid if you are working there and planning to pay a visit to this beautiful city.


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