Check Out These 15 Creative And Funny Marriage Invitation Cards


A marriage invitation card has gained massive importance in today's scenario. Previously, a simple and traditional marriage invitation card would have done the job of inviting the guests. But with the emergence of fashion in every aspect of life, marriage invitation cards have got a new makeover.

Here the Love story begins….!! Every couple wants their cards to be innovation and creative so that the recipients appreciate them as a piece of magnificent art. Since marriage is one of the biggest events in life, people are paying more attention to creating awesome creative and funky invitation cards that leaves a long lasting impression.



1. Laser Cut Invitation Card


This is getting very popular these days and it definitely is the height of creativity. It is simply going to be a prized possession for the guest to have it.

2. Film Roll Invitation Card


This is the peak of innovative marriage invitation card. In the roll, texts are written creatively and the design of the film canister is beyond imagination. 

3. Brochure Invitation Card



This is the latest trend that could be found in celebrity wedding invitation cards which are actually in brochure form with creative images and infographic and it looks absolutely stunning. 

4. Payment Invitation Card


This is a classic invitational card for the wedding and having the same design as your credit and debit card makes it look premium. 

5. Open The Lead Invitation Card


This is an awesome design for marriage invitation card with circular cardboard paper designed and joined together to provide a pleasant surprise. 


6. Walk The Path Invitation Card


This is truly a creative invitation card that can show the path or the life events of the couple and various other messages visually with amazing drawing. 

7. Countdown Invitation Card



This is an unusual invitation card for the wedding where there is literally a countdown design and guests can remind themselves how many days are left for the wedding event. 


8. Handkerchief Invitation Card



You can share your love stories with objective designs on the handkerchief and make it colorful and creative. Some people also provide the map of the location of the wedding for the guests to find it easily. It can be wrapped around with a vintage velvet for cover. 


9. Tippy Tippy Tap 


This is one of the amazing wedding cards inspired from the funny games kids play and it is best when you are marrying your childhood friend. 

10. Chalkboard Invitation Card



It could be a little vintage yet with a caricature of the couple getting married and the proper orientation of the texts with varied orientation and fonts can do wonders. 

11. Blow The Ballons


Along with the traditional invitation card for marriage, a labeled balloon is being packed with the envelope which on being blown to its fullest reveals the ultimate message. 

12. Embedded Invitation Card



If you want to show some high-class designs, nothing is more creative that having an embedded invitation card with multiple color variations that will win everyone's, heart. 

13. Passport Invitation Card



This is one of the most creative ways of designing wedding invitation card that stands out. Guests at the first glance would be quite pleasantly surprised.


14. WhatsApp Invitation Card


This is a very creative way to prepare a funny marriage invitation card that would be unique and the guests would appreciate your imagination power. Yeah, Grab the appreciation !!


15. Filmy Style Cards



These days people are adapting popular romantic movie poster and using their creativity at the highest level to come up with innovative wedding invitation cards that people can relate to. 


Hopefully, you will be able to design some stunning wedding invitation card designs now and surprise your guest like never before. 



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