What Are Biggest Mysteries About Mona Lisa Painting?

There is no doubt that Mona Lisa is the most talked about painting in the world. It is not just the beauty of the painting but the mysteries behind it that give it the limelight. If you are wondering what could be the hidden meanings behind the masterpiece from Vinci, you got to read the following mysteries and conspiracies against Mona Lisa.

True Identity

The actual identity of the portrayal is still a mystery. Other possibilities imply that the woman in the painting accord the face of Caterina Sforza, the countess of Forli. Another conjecture projects the infantile lady to be a kept woman of Giuliano de’ Medici, the leader of Florence.


Mystifying Smile of Mona Lisa

Several have held that her smile alters reckoning on where one looks and at which approach and spacing. At a close-range view, the excellent facet gives the intuition of a decorous look. But from a distance, she comes out smiling gladly.


Secret Codes

Anyone may speculate what was the artist intention with the letters and numbers of a painting in a figure unseen to the nude eye. In Mona Lisa’s right eye, art scholar Silvano Vinceti expresses that the letters “LV” embodies the artist’s name, Leonardo da Vinci.


Disconcerting Stare

Her stare appears to widen afar the limits of the painting, but at once, it is openly held at the watcher. Regardless of where one moves, she goes along eye to eye. Leonardo’s masterful handling of chiaroscuro on the canvas generates an extremely pragmatic sense of profundity.


Pregnant Mona Lisa

Art historians also believe that Lisa del Giocondo was with a child. Her arms were crossing over her stomach besides historical facts that declare del Giocondo was pregnant for the next time when the painting was done completely the thought that Mona Lisa was expecting.


Her Beauty

Mona Lisa’s face, chin, top of her head and nose are exactly aligned according to the ratio. The dominance of this golden fraction in the artwork possibly enlightens the baffling plot felt by those who observe the portrait. Her proportions we reckon are the most pleasant to the eye.


Disappearance of the Painting

The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 by an Italian employee known as Vincenzo Perugia. About two years, the spot of the painting was an absolute vagueness as media reporting globally gave a possible explanation for its disappearance. Ahead of the painting’s return, the assumption didn’t stop.


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