13 Unbelievable Pokemons That Exist In Real Life

Being a kid, we all once in while have been star stuck with the Pokémon show. Some even desired to pet a playmate like Pikachu. Unfortunately, Pokémon is an animated series and they are not real.

If you still believe this, you are still living in your dreams. With the introduction of the Pokemon Go mobile game, the interest in Pokemons has renewed and reached a new level. Almost half of the Pokémons are inspired from real life animals and plants. Don't believe us? Check out yourself  – 13 real Pokémons that live and breathe.



1. Pikachu



Do you love the bonding of Pikachu and Ash? Then, you can easily get yourself a Pikachu. As this sweet, little and squeezy mouse is inspired from the Pika mouse. Yep, around 23 species of Pika mouse are available and you can easily pet this mouse.


2. Caterpie



This cute little Pokémon as its name suggests drawn from the Swallowtail Caterpillar. This V-shaped green little monster doesn't do much, but its cuteness makes you giddy. This Swallowtail Caterpillar is mainly present in North America region around New Jersey and Oklahoma.


3. Victreebel



This Bellsprout looking Pokémon is actually reminiscent of Pitcher Plant. Victreebel resembles the pitcher plant that found in Canada, which isn't very friendly plant. As they suck the insects present around them and consume them. That's really a scary Pokémon which is launched in early series.


4. Poliwag



You can easily recognize this Pokémon with the Polliwog. Polliwog is simply a difficult term used for tadpoles. It is basically the larva stage of tadpoles and the fully mature form is referred as tadpoles. This is also very early introduced Pokémon.


5. Sandslash



Sandslash is a family member of the Pangolin, a real-life creature in the African savannah. This Pokémon is a fighter as it can easily climb and scratch you with sharpening claws. This Pokémon can beat the shit out of its enemies.


6. Mudkip



We all just want to cuddle with this Pokémon and pull its cheeks. This cute little blue bunker resembles the Axolotl, a Mexican salamander that is also very cute. Brock used to own this water type Pokémon in the show.


7. Emolga



It's a bit hard to find the resemblance of this electric Pokémon. But, you won't believe, this Pokémon is inspired from flying squirrel. Yep, the flaps which allow it to fly are actually taken from flying squirrels.


8. Vileplume



Vileplume is a poisonous Pokémon and real-life inspiration of this Pokémon is equally dangerous. Vileplume is a replica of Rafflesia Arnoldii, also known as The Corpse Flower. Never try to go near this plant as its poison can easily kill anyone.


9. Stunfisk



Stunfisk is a generation V electronic Pokémon. It seems like bread covered in sand and hard to imagine something real like it. But, this Pokémon is a mirror image of Stargazer Fish.  As both have similar mouth and eyes.


10. Leavanny



You must be thinking that inspiration of this Leavanny Pokémon can be derived from any leaf. But, this Pokémon is inspired from "Walking Leaves"  which can be found in Australia and South Asia.


11. Zigzagoon



This third generation Pokémon is a clear replica of a raccoon. The fury texture and mixed brown earthy is inspired from raccoons. Due to its zig-zag look, it is called Zigzagoon.


12. Krookodile



This Pokémon is inspired from crocodile you must be thinking. But, you are partially right as it is inspired from a reptile of a very specific kind. It is created from the Gharial, an Indian fish-eating crocodile with a long, slender snout.


13. Miltank



This Pokémon is the simple basic cow that you can find anywhere. So, nothing mysterious about this Pokémon formation story.


There are over 700 pokemons and if you can find any other resemblance, do mention in the comment section.



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