13 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know To Grab Attention!

The beauty of a girl lies in her dress and makeup. It is mandatory for a girl to do makeup every single time she goes out in public. Who does not want to look the best every day and get everyone's attention at once?

But how many of them really know how to do makeup efficiently like a pro? There are several tricks anad hacks available to do makeup in short time with limited products and still look stand out tall among all. Here are 13 makeup hacks that will enhance your beauty and make your life easy. 


1. Remove nail paint/glitter easily



Skipping the base coat, use some amount of white glue (Elmer's preferred) instead. Then, you can apply any nail polish you want to. When you are ready to remove, just peel it out.



2. Making eyeliner soft as gel



With this method, you can make your eyeliner smoother and more comfortable to apply. It even looks better than normal. Just put the eyeliner's lid over a lit lighter, wait for some time to cool it down. 



3. Making your eyes look wider



This method will help it making your eyes look wider. Sweep your mascara towards your face's middle part instead of doing it upwards. This helps in making the lashes look full and more prominent.


4. Perfect perfuming



Don't just spray perfume everywhere. Rather than this, spray it on pulse points. They are behind your elbows, behind knees and on your neck.


5. Make your eyeshadow pop



To make your eyeshadow compatible with other makeups, you will have to get a white eyeliner and apply it a little above your eye and at your eyeshadow. This will probably make your makeup pop.


6. Using spoon to make a winged liner



Hold the stem of a spoon on the outer corner of your eye. Keep the end of the spoon digonally with the face as shown in the picture. Draw a straight line upward then flip the spoon back and draw a curve line according to the spoon's outline. Here, is the perfect winged eye liner for you 


7. Hashtag effect



Take a brown or grey eyeliner. Now make slanting hashtag. Keep on making them until the eyeshadow is filled at the point you want. You have got yourself a smoky eyeliner in no time!


8. Getting better lips



In this method, first, take a red liner and create an outline of your lips. Make sure it is dark. Now, apply the lipstick of the same color. 


9. Avoiding mascara clumps



If your mascara clumps, then this method is just perfect. Warm up your mascara in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes and then take it out of the water. Now let it dry for some time, then apply.


10. Restoring yourself from puffy eyes



Puffy eyes can appear when you get excessive stress, hangovers, or hormonal changes. To restore yourself, you will just have to use tea bags (either black or green). The tannin present in them helps in restoring the natural eye.


11. Too dark foundation? No problem!



If you have accidentally bought a dark foundation which you really don't want to apply, then the answer is right here. You will just need a moisturizer. Just mix the foundation with some moisturizer and see the difference in their color!


12. Make your lipstick last long



Putting on glamorous red lipstick is easy but maintaining it after a few sips of tea is difficult or next to impossible. But, here is the solution – just put on your lipstick as usual and use a tissue paper and rub it over your lips and apply translucent powder from above the paper using makeup brushes. You are all done!


13. Removing makeup is easier!



Putting on makeup is easy but removing it efficiently is such a hassle. Just apply some amount of coconut oil on cotton and rub it over your face. You are done! 


If you have your own set of tips and tricks to share, mention them in the comment section. 



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