50 Would you Rather Questions That Pique Your Imagination


If you were ever stuck at a party not knowing what to do, or how to proceed you might have thought of the "Would you rather questions" that bring out the loopy fun in the party. They are a fun and innovative, not to mention sometimes silly ways to asking questions that have equally stupid and innovative answers. But as it happens we don't get many interesting and funny questions of the top of our heads, and we would require some external help to keep things going. Then you would require the assistance of the external aids, such as us, to keep the party going. We have made a list of such questions that not only keep the ball rolling but also pique your interest and make you think for the answers by posing various tough situations. Continue reading to know more and find out more interesting than ever questions. 



Check Out 50 Would you Rather Questions


Would you rather Questions for kids:




1. Be the hero or the villain of a movie?


This really depends on your taste for the heroism, or the evil inside! Most of us would root for the hero but others like me would go for a badass villain, like the Joker!


2. Gobble up a small box of cat food or have two rotten tomatoes?


This really depends on your liking for the 'food not recommended for humans'. I'm one to say for I myself have had a few kibbles of dog food and, not bad!


3. Always have to hop everywhere or run everywhere?


Well, this would be a fun superpower if you ask us! Seeing people skipping away effortlessly.


4. Always have yourself talking in rhymes or have to sing instead of speaking?


Straight outta your Disney musical. Hey did you watch the new Beauty and the Beast?


5. Be never allowed to eat only your favorite chocolate or have to eat only your favorite chocolate for the rest of your life?


Do you want to know how to turn your favorite food into the food that you hate? Here's your answer.


6. Have cheese drip out when you sneeze or have chocolate flavored tears come out?


Either way, you'll turn into a candy bar! I mean, cheese or chocolate, I would say both, one on top of the other!


7. Live in Westeros or attend school and live at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


Personally, I prefer going to Hogwarts, Westeros is no good! Hogwarts has spells, more magical creatures and the odd villain who waits till you finish your semester to attack you.


8. Have bad breath when you open your mouth the entire day or be butt naked the whole day?


Doing either one of those is gonna repel people or not?


9. Be the most popular guy/girl at school like you or be the prettiest (but dumb) girl in school as a girlfriend?


Oh, we wish we had got to choose like this back in school! Two very nice options, either way, you get to take pretty people home!


10. Be invisible to all those you want to or be able to always be flying?


Technically if we went to Hogwarts, we would be able to do them both! And more exciting things like dragons and magical plants. Hogwarts for the win!


11. Live two hundred years in the future or two hundred years in the past?


This is like asking if you want to live during the Industrial Age or in the futuristic Nanotech-age. Although there are certain advantages to living in the past, we'll let you figure that part out.


12. Be famous as the best player but always in the losing team or the worst player but in a team that always wins?


Um, we're just gonna go with, "I'm happy that I got picked. Thank you very much."


13. Be handsome/beautiful and end up with an ugly person or be ugly and end up with a handsome/beautiful person?


We believe that beauty resides on the inside. It isn't something that is ephemeral. Just kidding, go on, make your choice!


14. Marry a person who is the most attractive or be someone who is extremely attractive?


This is a variation of the previous 'would you rather' question. Nevertheless, since it is something about 'external beauty', something that is held in high regards these days, choose wisely!



Questions for adults:



15. Live for 90 years in utter poverty or have a life of 40 years with great wealth?


Crying in a Lamborghini or sleeping peacefully in a hut? This is more like a lifestyle choice, coupled with some hard, brain-aching work.


16. Have a super fast sports car and a broken old house or a rusty old car and a huge and beautiful mansion?


This is really a basic choice, a sports car of course!


17. Save someone’s life or have a truck full of money?


Think hard, take you time and up the stakes, to two buckets of gold. It's a man's life for crying out loud! 


18. Be utterly poor and extremely attractive or filthy rich and a hideous bat?


This one's rather interesting and a bit cruel to be fair! What of those who don't have either?


19. Go on a journey around the world with your true love or be marooned on an island with your favorite movie star?


As far as fanboying goes, we know what most of you would do! Admit it, wouldn't we all want some time with our celebs? 


20. Stay up all night suffering through an irritating family member's whining or babysit an infant cry incessantly no matter what?


We have to take the baby's side on this one. Maybe it will get tired after a while, but the adults neither get tired nor do they stop their whining.


21. Have disappointing sex with climax every night for a full year or the most amazing sex of your life for one night?


Sex is sex, but the quality and duration does make a difference right? Nah.


22. Be unknown to the world and as wealthy as Warren Buffet or as famous as Shakespeare and in bitter poverty?


Who needs fame when it follows once you're rich! There is no such thing as famous and poor, or is there?


23. Wear a diving suit or a paintball suit or just strict formal wear everywhere you go for the next two weeks?


Formals are way neater. That's what we think, but diving suits seem fun.


24. Win five hundred grand in the lottery or never have to buy anything for yourself ever again?


This one seems pretty straightforward, right?


25. Be famous and remembered for doing all the wrong things or unknown and never remembered for anything?


Do you not remember Darth Vader with the (nostalgic) feeling of hatred? Hatred has won this time!


26. Stay forever at the age of your choice or be twenty years younger?


All those saying, "Ah the things I could have done if I was 10 years younger", here's your chance!


27. Spend a year sailing all around the globe for free or one year living in your favorite foreign country also for free?


Stuck in your favorite country or a year's worth of sea sickness?


28. Permanently not be able to smell or taste anything?


Did you know that your sense of smell contributes greatly to your ability to taste things? Now you do, choose wisely.


29. Live on a floating houseboat on a calm lake or in a cabin in the far off peaks?


Imagine the great yet vastly different views from these two points. Both of them immensely peaceful. We're ready to snatch either one in a jiffy.


30. Have your favorite and the most catchy song stuck in your head or always have the same dream every night?


One of them ruins your favorite song for you, forever and the other ruins your dream-time. Now make your choice.


31. Have the ability to see what other people are thinking or the ability to visit the future for a short time?


This one seems to be a toughie. But reading people's minds seems to be fun, on the other hand knowing the future in advance seems to be somewhat more fun.


32. Be deserted on a far off island with someone you have hated your whole life or be left alone on the island?


We guess it is always better if the words 'stranded' and 'company' went hand in hand. 



Questions for teens:



33. Forget you entire identity or forget who everyone else around you is?


We got ourselves a Jason Bourne here! The poor man had the misfortune of going through both these things!


34. Never be picked to play or always end up with the losing side?


Can't you just be happy that you got picked! God, you're just too much.


35. Be the one who dares to put his head into a lion's mouth or the one who is blasted out of a cannon?


This one required balls of steel, either of them. We might be inclined towards the canon, 'cause a canon can't eat your head!


36. Have a neighbor who is always loud and noisy or a neighbor who pokes their nose into all your businesses?


Maybe we can try shutting up the noisy one? And the same goes for the noisy one too.


37. Be able to know your own future fifteen years from now or one year of the future of the world?


On one hand, you can't prevent all the mishaps of the world, on the other, you go be Marty McFly.


38. Live in a small submarine at the deepest part of the ocean or in a small space capsule in farthest part of outer space?


considering the fact that only about 4% of our oceans have been explored, and without the knowledge of the monsters lurking in there, we could make a wise choice here.


39. Win one billion dollars today or ten billion dollars in twenty years?


Considering the rate of interest of your local bank and all that one million still doesn't become ten million, but you can invest the money, and bear the risk that tags along. 



Switching to Legend Mode – The Hardest Ones:



40. Go to prison for a year or be homeless for two years?


The going to jail depends upon the location of the jail too. Whereas the same doesn't go for being homeless. Think hard before answering this one!


41. Let an elderly family member drown in a sinking ship or a child unrelated to you?


Today's children are tomorrow's citizens but what of today's citizens themselves? Also, the elder is probably old and frail. Give it some thought.


42. Have one wish granted today or five wishes granted ten years from now?


Provided that you cannot wish for unlimited wishes or and wish-granting entity. And this one can't really be invested like the one million. 


43. Be able to eat anything you want and stay lean or never have to sleep again?


Ah, we think we know our choices when it comes to having food. There is never a different answer is there. Next question, please!


44. Live in a place where it is always frozen or in a place that is always scorching hot?


Cold means cuddling, cozying with your loved ones. Steaming hot translates to hot sweaty people in nearly no clothes! It's really a personal choice.


45. Be filthy rich but alone forever or be poor and have the love of your life?


This one has really got you in a knot, eh? Thought so too. Admit it, this is tougher than you thought.


46. Never be allowed to ask anything or never able to answer anything?


A head full of questions or a headful of answers, your choice, choose wisely!


47. Look well built and be weak or look emaciated but be extremely strong?


Well, this tricky little one appears out of nowhere huh? This should keep you occupied for a while!


48. Be a moron amongst brilliant people or a genius in a world of people with ape IQ?


Think about it, you'd be the king of all people stupid. Or be a stupid little guy in a world of brilliant ones.


49. Have a one-year free vacation or be exempt from paying income taxes for a year?


The classic battle of vacay and saving money, n now you have a way of doing the latter.


50. Want to stay how you are physically forever or the way you are now money-wise forever?


This is for those who either have a killer body or loads of money or both. Not for the unfortunate ones that lack both.



That ends the list of would you rather questions, hope you enjoyed them all. Let us know what you thought of the collection below.


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