The List of 35 Fun Trivia Questions and Answers That Will Make Your Day

A trivia is a game where the participants are asked questions based on unusual and unimportant facts and details of any subject. It is a fun quiz game that every loves because it is thoroughly interesting and amusing.

It is appropriate for everyone from kids to adults. It can be played in a group and individually when there are two or three participants. You will be completely blown away by the questions and their answers like never before in any quiz you played in your life. 



Ice-Breaker Questions To Intrigue The Mind



1. If you are doing needlework, what would UFO stand for?

An Unfinished Object, of course. 


2. What the world's most used first name?

This one is easy to answer. Muhammad. 


3. How much time does a person spend in the toilet on an average?

Three precious years of his life.


4. Do many times in a year do we blink?

On an average, it is found to be around ten crore times. 


5. How to stop a Kangaroo from hoping?

Just lift its tail off the ground.


6. What is the dot on top of i and j called?

You should not know this. It is called a tittle. 


7. In California, what do you need to do mousetrap legally?

A hunting license. Seriously?


8. What is the thing an American does 22 times a day?

Open the fridge! Do they store treasure there!


9. What is the coincidence between Bin Laden's death and Hilter's death?

Both the good news was announced on 1st May.


10. What is that feeling of having experienced something previously when it is happening right now called?

Most of us have it at least once in life, and it is called Deja Vu.


11. Do you what does Piano mean?

Well, it is 'to be played softly'.


12. What is the fear of fun called?

Cherophobia and there are a lot of people suffering from it. 


13. When hippos are upset, what color does their sweat turn into?

It is as red as blood.


Interesting Questions That Are Fun To Learn



14. Other than licking elbow, what are the other things you cannot do in life?

1. Raise one eyebrow keeping the other same.

2. Touch your chin or nose with your tongue.

3. Sneezing with eyes open. 

15. What is the most popular but least expensive fruit in the world?

A banana. Well, do not use your dirty mind. 


16. What is the funniest law Arab has for women?

They can divorce their husbands if they refuse to pour coffee for them. Servants!


17. What is the most commonly used item through which women masturbate worldwide?

Horrible, it is a candle!


18. Name some of the popular websites China has banned?

Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and even Skype. Great job!


19. How many percentages of people in the world actually text things that they would never dare to say in public?

It is as much as 95% of texts. No guts!


20. What is that one natural activity which if you do too hard, your rib may fracture?

Do not try at home because it is sneezing. 

21. Which is the most common mental disorder in today's world?

Facebook Addiction Disorder, and it has been certified by the psychologists. 


22. What is that one activity where human beings waste most of their energy willingly?

Talking. Well, with messengers, now we are saving energy by typing!


23. What is the boiling point of human saliva?

It is as much as three times than that of boiling water. 


24. What is the thing a person does 13 times a day on an average?

Smile! In real and through emojis.

25. Why are bananas curved all the time?

No pun intended but it is so because it always grows towards the sun!!


26. What is Penis captivus?

It is the most embarrassing situation while having sexual intercourse. It gets stuck in the vagina. 


Unusual Questions That Make The Game Awesome



27. There is one unique thing which is banned in public places in Florida after 6 pm. What is it?

Oops, it is Farting!


28. What is the one thing you will never find in a Las Vegas Casino?

A clock to watch time.


29. How much does a vagina grow when a woman is completely aroused?

It grows as much as twice the normal size. Holy shit!


30. What is the disgusting thing with which three percentage of Antarctic glaciers are made of?

Penguin Urine!


31. Name the two planets where diamonds fall with rain?

Jupiter and Saturn. Time to leave the Earth.


32. In Illinois, what is the one thing men cannot do in public as it is prohibited by law?

Have an erection even naturally!!


33. How many ants are there on Earth in comparison to one human being?

On an average, it comes bout 1.6 million ants. Hence, if ants want, they can wipe us out of the planet. 


34. Complete the popular fact – There are more stars in the space than.

Well, it is a fact that they are more than the grains of sand on every beach in the world. This is really fascinating. 


35. How many percentages of adults have sex at work?

Nearly 12%adults are desperate.


By a quick glance at the list, you must have understood that you can literally have the best time in your life with a trivia quiz. Gather your participants and make it happen.


If you are here, then you have pretty much enjoyed these trivia questions. There a much more trivia facts in the world which you curiously want to know! Then check out the January facts in which you will find a lot of trivia facts which will add an added list of entertainment with the trivia fun.



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