Most Attractive Armed Forces In The World

When we talk about armies and militaries, we automatically imagine the rough and tough men of the world. However, the army around the world is not just comprising of men. There are many countries where women are also a big part of the army. Hence, check out the most attractive female armed forces.

American Soldiers

Since 2012, women comprise 14% of the U.S. military. American women army holds the 10th spot. In the early period, they had to conceal themselves in disguise to function alongside men. Today they are given supporting tasks.


Czechoslovakian Militaries

Czechoslovakian women were allowed into the military service only after WWII. Czech women fought throughout WWII with eminence as medical personnel, phone operators, and anti-aircraft gun crews. Today they have become a vital part of the Czech soldiers.


Poland Soldiers

Now there are about 2,500 women in the Polish military, and all women have equal rights as men to join in the Polish Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Forces. Poland female soldiers are at No.8 in our list.


British Armed Forces

British women have been incorporated into the British military since the early 1990s, yet, they remain omitted from majorly combat units in the Army, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force Regiment.


Pakistani Militaries

Women took part in Pakistan forces since 1947 after the constitution of Pakistan. Now strong ample units of women soldiers are allocating in the Pakistan Armed Forces. Pakistan is the only Islamic nation where women are executing their military responsibilities.


Israel Armed Forces

All Israeli’s are compelled to carry out national service when they turn 18, signifying the country’s military is jammed with female recruits. Some are allotted to infantry which puts them squarely in the line of opponent fire.


Greece Armed Forces

Women may function in the Greek armed forces on a voluntary ground; they are not required to enroll, as men are. Greece presently has worldwide mandatory military service for males above 18 years of age to serve for 9 months.


Australian Soldiers

They were restricted to the Australian Army Nursing Service, until World War II. The Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, and Royal Australian Air Force constituted a female subdivision in which women took a series of support functions.


Russian Armed Forces

They executed several duties in the armies all through Russian history, especially through the Great Patriotic War. There is a popular view that Russia has the most beautiful girls with just the exact amount of that inexplicable soul mixed in.


Romanian Soldiers

The Eastern European country has overstepped our list of most beautiful female militaries. To discover the sexiest soldiers recruits in the globe, nothing but Romania. The Romanian soldiers believe one deep weapon that’s apple beater-the the Sexiest women.

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