40 Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend & Sweep Her off Her Feet


Girls are creatures that want to be pampered every now and then. Although sometimes they tend to give you hell, once won over, they can be the sweetest things on Earth.

Unfortunately, after some time couples tend to lose the spark that they once had at the beginning. The responsibility to rekindle that lost spark falls on the shoulders of the guy.


Women are had to please only in the initial stages, but once she is yours, you only have to make a minimum effort to keep the spark going in your relationship, with the occasional big gift. To keep that flame burning, we have made a list of cute things that your girl would love to hear from you. Try them out.


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Check out Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend




1. I sent an angel over to your house to overlook as you slept, she returned to inform that angels do not look over other angels.


Girls love to be called angels, especially by their loved ones.


2. I can overcome the whole world single-handed if you are holding my other hand.


The brave and warrior-like quote to impress her.


3. I was matching the stars with the reasons for loving you, the other day. But very soon, I found myself running out of stars.


A tad exaggerated but still enough to impress anyone.


4. You're my dream girl and as my parents always taught me, one should never give up on his dreams.


Chasing your dreams taken to a whole new level.


5. Here, I brought you flowers, so that they may see what actual beauty looks like.


When your girl is more beautiful than anything else.


6. I'm gonna drop a tear in the ocean and the day you find that drop is the day I'll stop loving you.


Showing an ocean of love, to your beloved.


7. It is your love and only that which keeps me going, all day, every day.


Saying that she is the inspiration behind all your successes.


8. Even after al the years that we spent together, my heart still skips a beat when I see you in the morning.


Only true love can feel such a surge of power.


9. Did God send you? Because you seem like the answer to all my prayers.


When you feel that your girl is a God-sent gift.


10. You're my only love now, but in 10 years there will be another. She will call you "mommy".


When you want to take your relationship with her to the next level.



11. If I had a star every time you came to mind, I would outshine the entire Milkyway.


The galaxy is the limit for your love for her.


12. You must be a magician, 'cause when I see you, everything else, just disappears.


When you find that the whole world comes to a standstill when she walks.


13. I can hear the angels crying for they have lost one of them to me, my love.


Another angel reference to sweep your girl off her feet.


14. Can I borrow your cellphone? My mother had asked me to call her when I met the woman of my dreams.


A tad cheesy but still works.


15. Are you tired? 'cause you have been running through my mind from a long, long time.


Letting her know that you're thinking about her.


16. Is that a rainbow on your tail, 'cause girl, you're the treasure I have been looking for.


When your girl is your only treasure.


17. I was awed looking at the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to those in your eye.


When she has the loveliest twinkle in her eye.


18. Today, I love you more than yesterday, and I'll only love you even more tomorrow.


Love for eternity.


19. We aren't just growing older but closer.


Plans for the future, well introduced.


20. As I sit close to you, I see that the best reflection of me is not in any mirror, but in your loving eyes.


Seeing each other in each others' eyes.



21. You have a voice that makes me forget who I am, or what I'm doing…


So song-like.


22. There's just one thing that I cannot stop doing, no matter what. And it's thinking about you.


All day, every day, if that is who you thin of.


23. I recently started believing that dreams do come true. It started when I first met you.


When she's the woman of your dreams!


24. Your heart is my home. The place that I always return to, and never leave. The one place I belong to.


When you have given your heart to her.


25. You're like the breath that I take. The one thing that I can't live without.


When your survival depends on your girl.


26. Do you see how our hands fit together perfectly? That's because we're a match made in heaven.


When you fit together so well.


27. Sometimes, I just wonder if you're a mind reader. You understand me so perfectly.


A girl who is so understanding deserves a pat on the back.


28. I'd fast forward time until we met and then pause it. Rewind is the button I'd hit, as soon as we parted.


A bit of a rhyming sentence to woo her.


29. 'Goodbye' is the hardest and 'I love you' is the most purposeful thing that I can say to you.


Say it from your heart and she'll know.


30. You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep.


When you aren't staying together.



31. The most beautiful thing in this world for me is to watch you sleep.


Every guy has at least once, watched his girl sleep peacefully and enjoyed it.


32. Even after so long, I still feel butterflies in my stomach every time I see you.


It sometimes happens when you're anxious to meet her after a long time.


33. I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't when I first saw you that I fell in love with you but the first time I saw your beautiful smile.


When she has a smile to die for.


34. Just the thought of you beside me, makes all my worries vanish.


When your girl is the most comforting thing in the world.


35. The day that I met you was when I found the true meaning of joy.


When you find true joy with the one you love.


36. I may not able to give you everything you desire, but my heart will always be yours.


It isn't always wealth that impresses.


37. When we get old, I imagine us sitting in our rocking chairs, gray and wrinkled, but your hand still holding mine.


The sweetest thing that one could say.


38. One day I caught myself smiling, and then I realized that I was thinking of you.


When she's on your mind, and you smile.


39. My life is perfect but only because you're in it.


When she completes you.


40. If I were a planet and you my moon, I'd stop spinning just to look at you.


Another solar system reference.


That ends our list of cute things for you to tell your girlfriend. If you like it use one of the reaction buttons, also you could use the comments section to express your views.



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