21 Couple tattoos That Symbolize your Love to The World


There are several ways to show your love, for your significant other! Getting matching tattoos is one of those ways and is considered to be one of the most romantic ways. The oldest tattoos ever found are dated way back to the 4th millennium BC on mummified bodies.

Although there are some weird and stupid tattoos, meaningful ones stay on in our minds forever. Also in many religious traditions across the world, tattooing has been an extremely popular way of showing love. You too can get matching tattoos to show the world that you love each other. Check this collection of the most interesting tattoos suited for all!



1. The Elaborate Lock & Key 


A simple symbol of love, that essentially says that he or she holds the key to unlocking you and your heart!




2. Mister and Misses with a Disney flavor


A couple that loves Disney characters but doesn't want to go over the top may elect to get this one done. It is pretty simple yet elegant. 




3. The combined heartbeat


Another symbol of love and the connection between the couple is their heartbeat. The girl gets the guy's graph and vice versa, while the two meet when joined.





4. Combined love


Another tattoo that is completed when joined together, is the half-heart with an angel's wings. An age old symbol of love expressed in the form of a tattoo.




5. A meaningful message


There is nothing better than getting something, a meaningful message, scrolled across your body that gets completed when your significant other joins theirs with yours.




6. Cute string telephone


This adorable string telephone is suitable for those couples who are trying to make their long-distance relationship work! 




7. Mickey & Minnie love


Disney is probably the paragon of love. Couples swoon over the cute characters showing love!




8. The arrow of love


Another half and half tattoo for couples. A part of a single arrow that is inscribed on both your fingers, that is completed when joined.




9. The King & Queen 


Everyone loves to think of their boyfriend as a king and their girlfriend as a queen, and by this tattoo, you can actually show that you really do. 




10. Wall-E style love


Another adorable representation of love with the help of cute little robots, totally in love.




11. A bow and arrow


A pretty different and unique characterization of your love for each other, which can mean that you two can take on anything if you're together and that you complete each other in your quests in life.




12. Like a bee to a flower


Have you ever been so in love with a person that you are literally a bee that is attracted to the colorful flower?




13. Double Trouble!


A tattoo idea for a fun couple who like to think of themselves as outgoing and jovial!




14. Love for food 


Do you guys love to eat and also love each other as much as you do pizza? Then this one is made for you!




15. Colorful love-life


We really don't know what kinds beautiful stencil they used to get this effect, but it is a gorgeous couple's tattoo, that's for sure!




16. British love?


The British loved tea, more than anything, and is the most loved drink of the island nation! A perfect representation 




17. The gamers' love


If you love gaming as much as you love your significant other, this tattoo seems to be apt for you. 




18. The classic name tattoo


This one is a timeless classic. Get the name of your loved one inscribed on your chest and keep them close to your heart! 




19. Barcode tattoo


A fun and unique tattoo if you both love to showcase your love for each other. Instead of the words 'TRUE LOVE' you could get your names inscribed and have it detected by your smartphones and barcode scanners too.




20. Love until time ends 


A tattoo that completes when you both join your hands and has representations of your eternal love!





21. Cat-Dog tattoo


If you were one of those couples who loved the Nickelodeon show, you wouldn't think twice before getting this one!




Let us know which ones you liked and are probably going to get for you and your S. O. in the comments and reaction sections below!



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