10 of the quirkiest shopping website in India

May the quirk be with you.


1. The Souled Store




Their stuff is inspired by pop culture. You can find loads of T-shirts, bags, notebooks, wall art with your favorite characters on their online store.


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2. Chumbak




Stepping into a Chumbak store is like stepping into a rainbow, that’s how rich in color their stuff is. You can find a variety of products from apparel to crockery on their online store with plenty of offers always around.


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3. Propshop24




They have the quirkiest phone covers in town. They are also one of the very few websites that sell funky office supplies, electronics, and party stuff.


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4. Quirk Box





The name of the brand itself has ‘quirk’ in it. Made famous by the signature minion print apparel, Quirkbox’s products may be a little expensive but the designs are worth it.


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5. Happily Unmarried



In their own words, Happily Unmarried is irreverent, desi, fun & forever young. Well, an ashtray shaped like a toilet is fun and desi at its best.


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6. Bewakoof





Bewakoof has a vast collection of affordable apparel for both men and women, not to mention the funkiest phone covers. Their products are sure to be a conversation starter among your friends.


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7. Alicia Souza


Alicia Souza’s designs will remind you of the doodles you used to make at the back of your notebooks in school. Also, her annual calendar is a must have for your table.


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8. Maalgaadi



How cute is that name? Maalgaadi has a collection of a lot of random quirky stuff like shot glasses, bookmarks, bags and whatnot that won’t put a strain on your pocket.


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9. SMG Hut



Although they don’t have much variety but the stuff that they have is unique and full quirky. As their slogan says, it’s all about kitschy stuff.


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10. Poster Gully



Poster Gully is an art lover’s dream come true. They discover thousands of artworks every day. You can also submit your work and watch it turn into a beautiful product on their website.


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