9 tips to make loyalty test of your man without his knowledge..!!


Trustworthy and loyalty are two sides of a single coin. It will be a catastrophe if one of the qualities is missing in your relationship. There are some signs in your boyfriend out of which you can judge him whether he is loyal or not. There are some of the tests you can do on your boyfriend and will get a very good end result for sure.



1. Body language speaks a lot


Judge the body language of your guy when he is with is female friends. The gestures of your guy can speak a lot. You should never feel left out in the companion of his friends.






2. Considered themselves as natural flirt


They randomly flirt with every girl they come around and if caught, they will give an excuse that they used to do this with everyone and it means nothing to them.




3. Enjoy company of women


They want to go places where plenty of women are there. They used to hang out more with female friends. Love talking to those female friends more even if the girlfriend is around.






4. Addicted to social sites


They give priority to spending time on social sites apart from any other work. He smiles and text to other friends all the time which shows he is attached to others rather than giving the relationship a priority.






5. Play with your emotions


They even don’t care about any of your emotions. They are there in their own world. “I Love you” is just a sentence without meaning. They just throw these words to you without any feelings.






6. Avoids discussions regarding marriage


They love you but avoid to get married. This attitude reveals a lot of things. You can judge your guy better by asking such question. Their depth of love can be judged by the commitment of marriage.






7. Doesn’t give you importance


If he never consults you before doing anything as your decision never matters in your relationship. Your presence really never counts for them.






8. Don’t like your company


He loves to hang-out with other buddies rather than spending time with you. A little time spends with you will be passed by arguments and other rubbish talks.





9. Avoid meeting with your parents.


Your guy must be very social however when it comes to meeting with the girl’s parent it creates a worry for them. He can make pretty excuses to escape from the situation.



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