13 Funny texting games to Play with Friends

SMS or short messaging service was introduced for the first time, on 3rd December 1992. Since then it has become a rage amongst users of mobile phones, to quickly send and receive short messages without having to endure the painfully long calls to get a simple thing done. It has since been called messaging, texting and SMS in short. And with the internet taking over literally everything around us, this too was bound to bend to its will. So cam other Internet-based messaging services, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype etc.


With so many services (and free) available at our disposal, games on text message became a common pastime for people. According to Facebook's stats, about 1200 million people use WhatsApp each month and most of them use texting games to kill time! Check out such games below.



Check Out Few Funny Texting Games


1. 20 questions



Format: One-to-one


20 questions, although not one of traditional texting games, is an extremely popular game among elders and kids alike. The rules of the game are pretty simple and you don't necessarily have to have the person in front of you to play this game.



  • Select a person or a thing in your mind.
  • The other person needs to guess this person by elimination.
  • He/she asks questions related to the person in your mind.
  • You get to answer only by yes or no to the questions. 
  • They have to guess the thing in your mind before their quota of 20 questions is over.

Ex: If the thing in your mind is an apple and the other person asks "Is it a gadget?", you can say no and they get to ask another question.




2. Make a story



Format: group


This is one of those texting games that is best played in a group of people, preferably on a texting group, so that there are more minds involved to get a better story out of the activity.



  • First, a person starts with a random line.
  • The next person on the group continues the story by adding a relevant and engaging storyline. 
  • The thread continues with people in the group adding more and more storylines.
  • At the end fine tune the story to make your own fantasy story.

Ex: person 1 sends, "There lived a lonely kid on the mountain" and the next person sends, "The kid one day found a mysterious egg" and it continues.




3. The "what if" scenario series



Format: One-to-one/group


Ideally played with 2 people but more can join in. This age old game of what ifs is a real time killer. It has been played many a time, on travel journeys, with friends, acquaintances, strangers and even with oneself while bored to death. And now it can also be converted to a fun text game!



  • Person 1 asks the other person/people a fantasy question involving a fun scenario
  • The other person has to answer it in the most logical yet, funny manner.
  • The game moves on with people taking turns to ask fun questions. 

Ex: If p1 asks, "What if everyone had octopuses for pets instead of dogs"




4. The rhyming game



Format: One-to-one/group


This is a fun yet simple game, generally played face to face but it can be one of those exciting and timed games to play while texting. In fact, this game becomes a tad easier as a texting game.


Rules: snapchat

  • First, a player sends a sentence.
  • Then the next player sends another sentence that rhymes with the last word of the first sentence.
  • Then the next one has to come up with another sentence that continues the convo and also rhymes.
  • The next person continues in a similar way.

Ex: P1: Why would you go there? P2: Because I really don't care.




5. The kiss, marry and kill game 



Format: One-to-one


Another one of those real-world games pushed into the texting games category, this is a game tat had been played for ages. Nevertheless, it has never failed to provide endless hours of fun.



  • Person 1 tells person 2 a list of 3 people.
  • Person 2 has to pick one name to kiss, marry, and kill.
  • The names could be of celebrities, friends, nasty animals inanimate things, etc.

Ex: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson. Kill, Kiss, Marry



6. The guessing game – with emojis



Format: Group


This is one of the genuinely fun texting games that involves actual text elements. Relatively newer on the list, but all more fun to be played with a group that likes challenging games. It can also be regarded as one of many Skype games, as Skype has way more emojis!



  • The message sent consists of groups of emojis. 
  • Thes emojis represent anything ranging from movie names to nursery rhymes. 
  • Break your head trying to decipher them.




7. Fill up the blanks



Format: One-to-one


One of the flirty text games to be played with your partner! This is a pretty personal yet fun texting game and is to be played only when you are comfortable with your partner.



  • Person 1 sends a message that has the last and most important part of the sentence missing 
  • Person 2 needs to fill the blank with their knowledge of the first person
  • Also, this game is known to quickly turn sexual!

Ex: "I love it when you___"




8. Would you rather



Format: Group


A fun texting game, which was once a group activity. It is a game that can be played by people of all age groups, with no cap on the number of people participating. 



  • Anyone from the group can ask the other a question that involves two choices, both of them equally ridiculous and funny.
  • The other person has to answer either one of them and give reasons 
  • The game continues on with would you rather questions like these.

Ex: Would you rather have a cobra as a pet or a crocodile?



9. Lines to movies



Format: One-to-one/group


A game for all you movie buffs out there. It involves a lot of movies and famous and not so famous dialogues from those movies.



  • A player sends a line from a movie
  • Gives a hint to the others in the group (optional)
  • The others have to guess which movie it is from.

Ex: The above picture has a line from the movie The Fight Club.




10. Snap & guess



Format: One-to-one


Since Snapchat became a rage among all the smartphone users (that is the entire human population!) several games involving Snapchat have propped up. Noteworthy and fun among these is, 'Snap and Guess'. Simple yet tough!



  • One person sends a zoomed in picture of something.
  • The other person has to guess what it is.
  • The first player can give hints to the other player as to what that thing is.

Ex: Zoomed-in picture of your dog's fur or a zoomed in picture of a canvas painting on your wall etc.




11. Name, place animal & thing


Format: Group


A hugely popular game that many of us played as kids. It only required a pencil and a sheet of paper. Not this has been transformed into one of the most fun texting games.



  • The players make 4 columns – name, place, animal and thing (mentally).
  • Then a letter of the alphabet is selected at random.
  • All the players are required to some up with a name, a place, an animal and a thing that begin with the selected letter.
  • Points can be awarded to determine the winner.

Ex: D. Danny, Denmark, Dog, Dentures.




12. Text-roleplay



Format: One-to-one


A hugely flirtatious and sexual of the texting games, this is nothing but sending texts of fun roleplays and what you would actually do during a roleplay session.



  • One of the partners decide upon the roleplay 
  • Assumes the role of a character (can be from any movie, play, book, scenario etc)
  • Starts narrating the things that happen, involving the other partner.
  • Partner 2 is expected to respond in a similar fashion.

Ex: Answers to questions like what a person is wearing to elaborate explanations of the carnal haps.




13. Plain old riddles



Format: Group


A novel form of the classic mind game in the texting age. 



  • One of the players sends a riddle, preferably involving numbers and other elements. 
  • The others in the group try to decipher the riddle. 
  • Each player is given only 3 turns.

Ex: The answer to the above picture is footsteps.





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