11 Trending Beard Styles That Can Change Your Personality

About 55% of males in the world have a beard. The trend of keeping a stylish beard is increasing rapidly. Previously, women used to find clean-shaven men more attractive but their taste is changing worldwide. Around 33% of European men have facial hair and it was made famous by President Abraham Lincoln

The beard style in men defines the personality. It helps others to form the first impression. Your entire look can change completely if you grow beard and style it out according to your face shape. Beard helps to keep your face moist, prevents facial diseases and wrinkles and most importantly, boosts your confidence level. As the saying "Real Men Have Beards", the following are the 11 trending beard styles you can try on your face to see which works better. 



1. Side Whiskers



This beard style got popular due Amercian veteran Ambrose Burnside. All you have to do is to shave the chin facial hair and mustache and let everything else grow naturally. It grew further popularity due to Jack Hughman who had it in the movie Wolverine.

Best For – Square Face Shape


2. Short Stubble



This is very close of clean shaven and makes a man look manly yet does not look untidy. It is one of the most trending beard styles at present. It is made popular by widely popular singer Drake. It requires a lot of trimming from time to time so that beard do not grow big.

Best For – All Type Of Face Shapes.


3. Long Stubble 


This is easier than short stubble to maintain. You just got to let your facial hair grow for a couple of weeks and maintain it after that with timely trimming. It is more for guys above 30 years of age especially the married ones. 

Best For – Men With Long Face Shape.


4. Balbo


The Balbo is widely popular beard style and the credit goes to Robert Downey Jr. who had in in The Iron Man. It makes a person look attractive in the eyes of a girl. 

Best For – Men With A Narrow Chin.


5. Van Dyke


It is named after the renowned painter Anthony Van Dyke. It is more like Balbo except the long facial hair part is not that wide. Popular actor Johnny Depp sports it all the time. 

Best For – Men With Shape Chin(Not Just Narrow)


6. Full Beard


This is one of the most popular trending beard styles. It will increase the gravity of your personality and if you shape it properly, you would look classic. You have to let your beard grow for a month and a half and then go for shaping. It looks good with a side trimmed hairstyle. 

Best For – People With Inverted Triangular or Diamond Shape.


7. Modern Goatee


It is as good as clean shaven yet it gives you a dashing personality if you brush your hair backward. Leonardo DiCaprio is popular for this one and he sported it in the movie Inception.

Best For – Square Face Shape.


8. Hollywoodian


From the name, it is clear that Hollywood actors like to have it all the time. It is actually called the extended goatee where you keep going your below the chin facial hair thicker. Christian Bale is popular for maintaining it. 

Best Shape – Long Face or Shape Chin.


9. Royale Beard


This beard style is becoming popular among professionals who just got into job life. You can grow your mustache as usual and your chin facial hair must be slightly small than your lips.

Best For – People with Broader Face Shape.


10. Chin Strip Style Beard


This is a beard style for summer when you do not want too many facial hairs yet maintain a sign of manliness. Short hairstyle with trimmed sides is perfect for it. It is quite popular among college students. You may or may not have slight mustache. 

Best For – Everyone. 


11. Circle Beard



This is not yet out of trend and this is one of the earliest beard styles to get popular. Previously, it used to have less beard but only men are going full throttle. It cannot be done in men do not have the joining between their mustache and chin beard. 

Best For – People Who Are Bald or Have Circular Face Shape.


First, understand your face type and then try out different beard styles that are likely to match your face shape and change your personality for better. Keep experimenting and keep looking awesome. 



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