15 Mistakes Men Make In Bed That Piss off Women Completely

Do you feel like your girl is not getting satisfied in bed? Your bad performance in the bed could be the reason for a breakup. Satisfying girls is a difficult task but if you should do your part in the best possible way.

If you keep making the following mistakes repeatedly, you will be labeled as the bad guy in the bed. Stop being aggressive, selfish and expecting things as you see in adult movies and avoid the following mistakes carefully.



1. No Preparation



Women put on so much effort to look great and sensual only to find some men under prepared to go down in bed. They do not shave or make their beard soft, their breath stinks, and their body has a bad odor. 


2. Excessively Aggressive



Men are always dominating in bed. But who likes to deal with a man who behaves like a beast in the bed? Take it slow and steady and make your girl go crazy naturally.


3. Dead Silent



When it comes to women giving pleasure to men, men tend to maintain pin drop silence. Furthermore, they do not make a facial expression that shows their enjoyment, and It makes girls pissed off completely.


4. Step Jump In Foreplay



Men always like to hit the jackpot from the word go. For them, foreplay is a waste of energy. But foreplay is extremely important for a girl to get in the mood to open herself to her man. Some men, go from first base to the 3rd base as soon as they can as if there is very limited time. 


5. Manhandling Bosom



Some men think of girl's bosom as an inanimate object, and they press and choke it like a murderer trying to choke off a person by the throat. Every part of a girl's body needs to be handled tenderly to give her maximum pleasure and not extreme pain. 


6. Asking Too Many Questions



Your action must speak for you. It is good to clarify things beforehand than during the actual performance as it takes away the fun and breaks the mood. Let her body language answer your actions.


7. Doing It The Ideal Way



Men are addicted to adult movies, and they want to repeat the same performance in bed with their girls. But in reality, ideal things never happen. Instead to copying others, do it in your own way.


8. Not Making Her Wet



It is always a bad idea to go down on your girl before she is wet out there. Only when she is extremely turned on, you should think of going down and using your hand and tongue down there.


9. Attacking In Between Her Legs


Just like breasts, girl's bottom private parts must be handled carefully and gently. Most men make a total mess out there out of high excitement and not having any idea what he is touching. 


10. Ignoring Her Wants And Body Language



You can expect your girl to satisfy your wants only when you do the same to her. Read her body language and understand which act she loves the most. Give time to that and satisfy her wants in bed. 


11. Use Your Fingers Carefully



Women love to get penetrated by fingers only when it is slow and sensual. To make it sensual, you have to lick it around and do other foreplay rather than looking dead into her eyes and pushing in and out your fingers like you are in a marathon. 


12. Pushing It Harder and Faster



Men think that pushing it harder and faster like a bullet train will make it more pleasurable. But sex is not a selfish thing, it is a mutual activity. Therefore, go with the flow rather than your assumption drawn from adult movies. 

13. The Backdoor is A Turn Off



Most women do not prefer to get their backdoor penetrated even though men may love to try it out. It hurts women, and it could be an embarrassment when it is done unprepared. Therefore, ask your women whether she would like or is ready when you attack her rear opening.

14. It Is Not Over When You Are Done


Men stop completely and fall flat once they reach the peak. But for women, it is a ridiculous thing as their body wants more of penetration and continuation even when you have peaked out. So, instead of stopping, you should slow it down and end things with foreplay to calm her sensations down steadily.

If you have found something that your boyfriend or husband does that pisses you off in bed, do mention them in the comments for boys to rectify. 




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