13 Notable People Who Made Crazy Money With Bitcoin!

There are different cryptocurrencies in the world, however Bitcoin is in buzz. Are you tired of hearing everywhere that people are making crazy money in bitcoin? In your circle and on the social media, you may not find a person who has claimed to make huge money in bitcoin. Hence, you may think that it is just a fluke.

It is a fact that bitcoin price has quadrupled from January 2017 untill today. Here are some of the people who had invested in bitcoin and made crazy money.



1. Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss



Bitcoin Worth – $400 million


Winklevoss Brothers claimed that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea to create Facebook. It is believed that they own 1% of the total bitcoins in the world and their worth is increasing as the value of bitcoin is surging.


2. Barry Silbert



Bitcoin Worth – $110 million


He participated in US Marshal Service auction for 40,000 bitcoins and won it with a fierce bet. The price of the bitcoin was $350 at that time.


3. Tony Gallippi



Bitcoin Worth – $100 million


He is the founder of Bitpay which is a platform that allows merchants to accept bitcoins. He was one of the forerunners to understand the worth of bitcoin and from the money he made from bitcoin, he invested to create a necessary platform to popularize bitcoins.


4. Ross Ulbricht



Bitcoin Worth – $100 million


He is a hacker by profession and is behind the bars serving a life sentence. He has stolen bitcoins from people by various conspiracies and hacking techniques. All his bitcoins were snatched by the FBI.


5. Tim Draper



Bitcoin Worth – $70 million


He made a bold bet to win for 30,000 bitcoins when the market price was $600. It is said that the bitcoins were sold by a hacker who was caught by the FBI.


6. Roger Ver



Bitcoin Worth – $52 million


Roger Ver is a politician by profession. He is referred to as Bitcoin Jesus as he used to give bitcoin for free and played an important role to create the hype about bitcoins. He gained from the hype as the prices rose exponentially.


7. Charlie Shrem



Bitcoin Worth – $45 million


He is the founder of Bitinstant which is a platform to convert cash into bitcoin. It is reported that he bought 500BTC with just $3 and then 1000 BTC with $20. Therefore, he spotted the potential of bitcoin early and popularized it with his platform among common people.


8. Dave Carlson



Bitcoin Worth – $35 million


He is the first millionaire who mined all the bitcoins all by himself rather than investing in bitcoins. He started his company MegaBigPower in his basement to start mining in large scale.


9. Jered Kenna



Bitcoin Worth – $30 million


He is considered to be one of the earliest investors in bitcoin as he bought 5000 coins for just 20 cents each. He also deleted 800 bitcoin by mistake when he formatted his computer.


10. Yifu Guo



Bitcoin Worth – $5 million


He is a student who founded Avalon where the miners would mine bitcoin. The company sells the bitcoins and the entire money becomes complete profit.


11. Gavin Andersen



Bitcoin Worth – $2 million


He should have been a billionaire as he is considered to be the main developer of bitcoin. He still owns the source code of bitcoin.


12. Erik Finman



Net Worth – $1 million


He is a college dropout who started buying bitcoin from 2011 when it was priced at $12. Now, he owns over 400 bitcoins and booked profits in the rest.


13. Satoshi Nakamoto



Bitcoin Worth – $1 billion?


Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin. But nobody has seen him yet and it seems his activities have been on the internet for a couple of years now. As per some estimation, he holds as much bitcoin to worth over a billion dollars.


In case you have got inspired by these people and think about investing in bitcoins, you should consider the fact about bitcoins that it is subjected to huge fluctuation. 



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