Survival Life Hacks That Can Save Your Life During Emergency!

Human life is full of uncertainty. Therefore, you should be prepared for all situations and hence, learning the survival life hacks is extremely important. You never know where you will be stuck in what place which may not be due to your fault. You can survive for days without the usual facilities in life and even save the lives of others. Check them out below.

How To Create Fire?

Fire is required for survival for various reasons. If it is winter and cold, fire is going to give you some heat. Fire is also going to light up the place in the dark and keep the danger at bay. Not just that, you can cook with fire and at least boil stuff and roast items so that there is no food poison. You can light a fire using a chewing gum wrapper and a battery. Hand drill is another way to light a fire. But the easiest one is by using a lens as most of you have done.

How To Get Drinkable Water?

Water is essential for survival. In fact, you can have water a couple of days without food and still go strong. There are various ways of collecting drinkable water. If you have fire, you can collect from nearby water body and boil it and have it without any health issue. Collecting dew is another way to collect fresh water. But you can get dew only in the morning and collecting it is a challenge. What you can do is hang your fresh clothes in the open area and dew with settle on them and you can squeeze out the water to drink after boiling. Transpiration is another way out.

How To Find The DIrection?

When you are lost, getting the right direction is important. The easiest way out is to find out from the sun. But it may be cloudy and you have to seek direction by other ways. There is a quite innovative way. You have to take water in a container, lay a leaf on it and place a metal wire or a needle and the wire or needle will align with north-south line due to the magnetic field.

Shelter and Weapon?

If you are waiting for others to come and rescue you, you need to build a shelter. At the same time, you have to get a strong and sharp weapon ready, This is where the branches will come into use and your shrubs can act as ropes. Take a strong brand and sharpen the ends so that you can stick into like a sword.

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