7 Famous Indian Metal Bands Surprisingly Marking Their Territory Internationally


Times are changing, gone are those days when youth like us used to bang our heads in confined places. India is changing, and so is our taste (be it whiskey or music). Let’s take a sneak preview of our few Desi underground metal bands which have made their mark on national and international platforms:


1. Bhayanak Maut


 Guys, do they rock!!! Based out of Mumbai their music surely justifies the name. Best riffs, vibrant stage act, most brutal lyricists and by far the most professional Indian metal band.






2. Demonic Resurrection


 Again, a Mumbai-based band and Pioneer of metal in India. Played at prestigious Inferno Metal Festival and Brutal Assault Festival these guys are Indian Black Sabbath inspiring many upcoming bands.





3. Brahama


It would be a hate crime if we don’t mention this 90’s band. Though not active much nowadays, spearheaded by Devraj Sanyal (CEO of Universal Music Group and EMI Music) Brahma surely is Bhishma Pitamah of metal in India.






4. Zygnema


Umm..Should I or Shouldn’t I? What the hell am I thinking, of course, Yes!! Now started to sound like a cliché, “this Mumbai based band” (please don’t roll your eyes over) has performed at Wacken!!!!!! Inspired by Pantera, Zygnema has a potential of being a behemoth. Don’t believe us: Listen to- Theory of Lies and Negation, you will get the gist.






5. Mrityu Dand


So, you like metal, huh?  This J&K based band, yes, you heard it right “Jammu and Kashmir” have changed the definition of death metal in India. Brute music, heavy growling driven by heavy riffs, what else we could ask for? We wish Brutal Death by Mrityu Dand to everyone.






6. Inner Sanctum


Finally, three cheers to Bangalore. Thrash metal band which has performed with Metallica have turned ten this year. Young guys full of charisma and passion are one of the biggest contributors in putting Bangalore on the map of metalmapia.






7. Parikrama


Couldn’t resist, had to name them, though technically not metal. Parikrama is one of the most commercially successful bands in India. The Delhi-based band, their single “But it Rained” has been listed as “25 Greatest Indian Rock Songs of the last 25 Years”. Quite an accomplishment. Wouldn’t you say?





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