8 Mysterious Creatures Found After Japanese Tsunami


Japan Tsunami in 2011 was one of the biggest natural disasters in the world and it killed nearly 18,000 people and more than that were left with no possession to live for. If that number startles you then you should know that the number of sea creatures and land animals died is beyond counting. But what did not get reported about Japan Tsunami are the mysterious creatures that were found during and after the Tsunami was over. Here are those mysterious creatures discovered that are still mysteries to the world.



1. The Unidentified Flying Creature



This strange object sparked controversies during Japan Tsunami and it showed some characteristics never seen before. During the Tsunami as the water level rose, the object seemed to be jumping from one rock to the other and finally rising up in the air like a smoke and vanishing into thin air. The photos and videos that captured the footage of the object were not clear enough to find out what exactly was that.



2. The Unidentified Mass



Some people thought it was a boulder that got washed up on the shore after Tsunami. But when it started to decompose, people got scared because it looked like a sea animal that was never seen before. This creepy object got decomposed within a few days leaving no trace for research.



3. Doggy Fish?



This is one of the weirdest objects washed up on the shore and it looks like a combination of a dog with enormous teeth and a body of a fish. It was taken by the researchers and no word has been heard ever since. The photos were proved authentic when scientists tried to cover up the matter leaving us in awe because the object looked prehistoric in nature.



4. Mutant Fish?



It looks like the nuclear bomb dropped in Japan had created some mutants among aquatic creatures as well. A man caught a fish which had no teeth and had a big brain with a small body. It looked to be very creepy and it showed us that there are many things in the ocean we do not know about.



5. Beluga Hybrid?



This is one of the strangest and scariest sea creatures you will ever see. Many thought that the photo was fake which later identified to be authentic. It is considered to be a cross breed of a Beluga whale and a shark, ever then it had some unique physical features.



6. Creature With One Dead Eye



A creature was washed up that had its eye wide open as if the Tsunami scared the shit out of it. It portrays what the sea creatures had to go through and it looked very much like a mini dragon. The weird part is that it had only one eye. On the other side, there was no eye from its birth.



7. Shark On Street?



A sea creature was found in the middle of a city which got affected by Tsunami. It is weird to find it thus far in a city with no other fishes around it and it looked too different to be a whale or shark. The researchers took possession of this strange creature and did not release any details about it.



8. The Unidentified Swimming Object



As a reporter was telecasting live, the cameraman caught a strange looking object suddenly getting down on the water body and swimming at the speed of light. It could not be a shark or any land animal and freaking out the scientific community still today.


Only 5% of the total water bodies in the world has been explored and the Tsunami showed that we have to dig deep as there are so many big to small mysterious creatures available under water. 



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