11 Hidden & Weird secrets of the female body that MEN have no idea about!


A woman is an embodiment of several mysteries! Here is a list of those which can be perceived by the tiny brain that is a man's. Read and learn kids.



1. Women are way more flexible than men, with more elastin in their muscles and tendons!





2. According to research, a baby's attractiveness depends on what the mother eats while she is carrying! Don't go munching around whatever you find.





3. Some Women may be born with two uteruses or 2 vaginas, and they just don't know. I mean, it's not uncommon!





4. Women long for sex more during the summer, yes SUMMER not winter (even though it's cold & all, weird right?)






5. The function of the clitoris is just to provide sexual pleasure and nothing else!





6. Women over 40 experience orgasms faster than females below 40 years of age!





7. While men can listen only to the LEFT side of the brain, women, on the other hand, listen to both the sides of their brain.

Well, that explains a lot! cheeky






8. Women like to be kissed on the back of the neck and the upper back; it is a MAJOR turn-on guys!





9. Women's skin is twice as sensitive than men's skin, treat it with a lot of care and lotion!





10. Women are better at hearing high-frequency sounds than men, and this is an evolutionary advantage that allowed them to wake up immediately when the baby cries.





11. Women have a better sense of smell than men; she can catch your cheating heinie just by the new scent! 



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