11 Preventive Measures You Should Take Against Delhi Smog!

The capital of India has become a prime example of the dangerously high level of population for the rest of the world. Delhi's harmful air quality index has reached 448 on the scale of 500 and increasingly becoming toxic to inhale. The reasons behind Delhi smog condition are burning of petrol, diesel, coal, and other air pollutants coming out of not only vehicles but also from industrial plants and factories.

The Delhi government and Supreme Court has taken several measurements like banning firecrackers, odd-even vehicle days, using CNG, temporarily shutting down industries and factories but these steps are not enough as the air quality has again degraded at the onset of winter. If you are living in Delhi smog condition, coming to visit it or will be exposed to such high level of air pollution, here are 11 essential preventive measures you need to take to keep your precious health safe. 



1.  Indoor Activities 



The first step is to minimize your exposure to Delhi smog. For that, you have to stay inside your closed house or office room for most of the time. You should order products and vegetables online, stop morning walk and outdoor workout, skip school as applicable and if possible, go to a relative's house outside the state for a few days to weeks. 


2. N95/99 Mask



You should buy only the N95/99 mask and put them on when you go outside. If the air quality inside your house or office room is not normal, you should put that on there as well. 


3. Air Purifier



If you have not bought it yet, you should get a high-quality air purifier for the room where you stay the most of the time of the day. It will also indicate the air quality inside the room. If required, you can buy multiple for different rooms.


4. Exhaust and Chimney



You should install chimney and exhaust in your kitchen and bathroom so that they minimize indoor air pollution. 3 pm – 5 pm is the time slot to open windows for air circulation as the air remain least polluted during this time. 


5. Air Purifying Plant 



Place some air purifying plants like Aloe Vera, Ivy, and Spider plant at home and offices. They will take in polluted air and improve air quality.


6. Inside Car



It is better to use a car while going out rather than in cycle, bicycle or public transport even though cars are responsible for air pollution and Delhi smog. While using the car, close the windows and switch on the air conditioner.

7. Eat Jaggery and Pomegranate 



Jaggery is known to clean out the pollutants from your lungs. Drink it every morning in raw state after mixing with water. The same is true for pomegranate juice.


8. Take Steam Daily



In the evening time, you need to clear your air passage and get rid of harmful particulate accumulated through the day by taking steam. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water for a better result. 


9. Vitamin C



Doctors have recommended people who are exposed to Delhi smog condition to have food rich in Vitamin C as they boost the immune system and help you fight air pollution. 


10. Herbal Tea



You can also get a better immune system by drinking herbal tea like tulsi tea, green tea, and ginger tea. You can also have tulsi juice and chew ginger and garlic if you can to derive the same benefits. 


11. Drink Tumeric Milk



If you do not like milk, you should start drinking it nevertheless. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. You can also have turmeric juice in the morning instead of milk. 

If you have any other preventive measure in your mind, do mention them in the comment section.



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