Feeling Bored? 20 Interesting Things To Do When Bored


Human beings are very emotional, and our emotions keep on changing based on our activities and external stimuli. Boredom is a mentally painful state to be in. It is that state when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, and it makes you completely frustrated. Boredom is common in everyone's life and therefore, you must be ready to fight it out. Here are some of the interesting things to do when bored.



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1. Listen To Unusual Songs




When bored, you need to do something that you generally do not do. If you are a lover of slow and melodious music, you should try listening to some rock songs or raps. 



2. Plan Your Future




We all love to plan our future and to distract your mind from boredom, make a list of things you want to do in the long run to make your life satisfying.




3.  Just Dance




This is what to do when you are bored, close yourself in a room, play some funky music and just dance like there is no one watching. 



4. Rearrange Things




One of the most basic things you can do when bored is to rearrange items on your shelf or interior at a whole. Clean up everything and rearrange it a different way.



5. Make A New Recipe




If you know how to cook, you should also have some signature dishes. Try out something new of your own and be a master chef in your world. 




6. Recall Your Happy Memories




Lie down on your bed and start recalling the happiest moments in your life so far and the memories around them. It will remove your boredom instantly.




7. Create a Bulb Plant




It is one of the innovative things to do especially because you have not done it before. Find a damaged bulb and open it up from its back, remove filament and then make it awesome with a small plant. 




8. Talk To Yourself




When you bored, it is important to talk to yourself and find out what is wrong. Go in front of a mirror and just do it.




9. Watch The Sky




Watching sky at day or night is fun only if you can completely get lost in its vastness. Just think how insignificant your life is in comparison.




10. Play With Kids




If you have kids at your home, spend some time with them and your boredom will vanish instantly. 




11. Have A Chat With A Stranger




There should be many in your friend list who are a complete stranger and if you find them online, have a chat and know about them.




12. Bookmark The Items For Shopping




You should go to an online shopping site and bookmark some new items that you would buy in future. Discover some new items.




13. Design A Creative Logo



Rather than painting on the canvas, you can sit down with a paper and draw some creative logo out of nowhere.




14. Learn Something New




You should invest your time when you are bored to learn something new on a subject that interests you. For example, yoga, cooking, dancing and likewise.




15. Play With LEGO




Lego is applicable for kids as well as adults. Lego is fun and it can surely help you out in your boredom. 




16. Watch Magic Show Videos




There are many videos available on Youtube where they show a magic and reveal how they have done it. It is too much fun to watch. 




17. Watch Old Photos




Watching photos is one of the most fun things to do when bored. You will go down the memory lane and recall some good memories.




18. Do A Creative Photoshoot




No, you do not need a photographer for this because you and your camera will do it. Just try some new poses with creative ideas and have fun.




19. Watch Prank Videos




Laughter can heal your boredom. When you are bored, go to Youtube and watch a compilation of prank videos and laugh out loud.




20. Take A Shower




If nothing works for you, just go and take a shower and wash away your boredom and mental frustration. It always works.



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