13 Unique and Romantic Ways To Propose A Girl For Marriage!

Proposing a girl for marriage is a daunting task for every guy? Guy even get nightmare thinking that they will end up ruining the special moment. Going the traditional route of proposing for marriage is boring, and it kills the special surprise element completely. You may even get rejected if your way of proposal fails to impress your lady. 

To make it all easy, here are 13 compelling ways of proposing a girl for marriage and she will certainly say a big Yes with an overdose of joy and ecstasy for your unique and grand way of expressing your love.



1.  Proposing at a public place



This method of the proposal is very effective. In this firecrackers, choose the favorite place of the girl—whether it is a fountain, building rooftop, national park or monument—it should also have a personal significance to both of the sides. Once you are at the place, ask someone nearby to take a picture of you together and while you both are enjoying chatting, come out with an immediate proposal!


2. At the marriage destinations



Take her to a familiar marriage destination. It could be a famous beach or a sightseeing area and when you are done enjoying, come out with a proposal with a red rose or anything more special.


3. Get-together surprise



Gather some of your friends including the girl you want to propose. Put glow in dark stickers on your room ceiling and wait for the gasp when the girl sees it!


4.  Photoshoot



Hire a photographer and tell the girl that you have won a photo-shoot contest for a couple. Ask her to join in as well, and just after the photo clicks, present your proposal.


5. The indirect way



Apply this method when it is the fall. Be sure that the girl actually lives in a house and not an apartment. In the morning, quickly arrange the fallen leaves in such a way that they spell "WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Then, wait for the gasp.


6. Party plan



You will have to get your family member's help. Call the girl for her birthday party to the park and set your family members with a newspaper in such a way that there is a word on each paper held. Then, when she comes, get her surprised.


7. Pets are useful



On any occasion, call the girl to your house. It could be a Christmas celebration or the New Year eve. Get a pet she likes and the ring around its neck which also spells "WILL YOU MARRY ME?”


8. Fireworks are actually useful



Hire firecrackers professional and ask the girl to come with you to watch the fireworks. Especially tell the specialist to set the fireworks such that they spell "MARRY ME!”


9. At the Haloween’s



Throw a pumpkin carving contest against your family members along with the girl. Carve the whole of your proposal on your pumpkin design and reveal it!


10. Beach digging



Well, you are at a beach, so take the advantage of it. Pull your sleeves and start writing your love poem in a paper. After that roll, it and put it in a bottle with a cork and bury it in the sand where you can remember. Be sure you find the bottle as you both dig together and be ready with the ring for your girl.


11. Winter snowman



Build a snowman in the girl's garden. The snowman is holding a proposal while bending. Be sure to well-build it. Call her outside, and you're done.


12. Sweet present



Hide your message in a packet of Crack-Jack or Kinder egg and present it to her!


13. The cake bake



On the girl's birthday, get a cake with the icing on it written- "WILL YOU MARRY ME?” That is the best way to do.

Which one these unique ways did you find the most interesting that would make your girl erupt with ecstasy?



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