Check Out These 13 Awkward Problems Tall Girls Face In Life!

Do you think being short in height is a curse? You need to ask a tall girl the problems she faces everywhere she goes. Being a tall girl can really be an advantage if you are in the modeling industry or acting world. Even most of the guys prefer tall girl at the very first glance especially because of their sensual legs.

It also becomes easy for them to stand out in a crowd. However, it can also be difficult, as you will have to face a lot of problems in the real life. Here are the 13 awkward problems every tall girl face and curse themselves for being tall. 



1. Taking a group photo



If you’re a tall girl, then you have to always stand behind when taking a group photo. You’ll also look odd when standing tall compared to others. So, all that can be visible will be only your face.


2. When skirts don’t fit



Every girl would love to put on a skirt or shirt during summers or at any time. For tall girls, they are mostly deprived of wearing it as it will be too short for them. But you can always get one custom-made for you by a local tailor.


3. When people ask your height



This can be really embarrassing when people especially guys ask you on how tall you stand. But with time, most tall girls will be used to it.


4. When you have to bend your head down



When talking to a friend, a tall girl will always have to bend their head down and look at their face. Isn’t it annoying!


5. People ask you if you play basketball



The misconception being a tall girl is that most people will ask you if you are a volleyball or basketball player and even if you are a swimmer. Being tall doesn’t mean you’re into sports.


6. When you get compared



Girls who are tall are often compared with animals like a giraffe. That’s ridiculous! Sometimes they even compare them with taller celebrity men.


7. Stand beside me



When people ask them to stand beside them and compare their own height. What’s even more disgusting is when they coy to stand in front of them to cover the sun.


8. Calling for help



When people call you to get things which they can’t reach by themselves like reaching the shelf. 


9. Hugging



When you are tall, even hugging comes as a problem. Their heads can hit your nose or even your chest if they’re even shorter. 


10. Sitting uncomfortably



Tall girls often find it difficult to sit properly especially in a bus or on a plane. Girls find it really troublesome in spreading their legs and sitting comfortably.


11. When people ask you if you’re on heels



Being an extraordinarily tall girl might come as disbelief for some people and they may even ask you if you are putting on heels in your shoes. What’s even more annoying is that when they ask you “what do you eat?” Don’t you feel like kicking them!


12. When your legs are longer than the bathtub



Tall girls usually don’t fit in the bathtub. They will either have to fold their legs or take out their legs. Sometimes even beds are shorter than their usual height.


13. When your boyfriend is shorter than you



Not all hot guys are taller. It will be really frustrating when you date someone is shorter or of an average height. What’s even more annoying is when he approaches to kiss you and ends up hitting your nose.


If you are a tall girl, do let our audience know what are the other real-life problems you face and how much you curse yourself for being too tall. 



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