15 Weird Things Found During Airport Security Checking!

Every now and then you get to hear the news that wicked people are caught in the airport with dangerous things like explosives or illegal things like drugs. Airports have the highest level of security checking but some over-smart men and women think that they can easily overcome them with their own set of tricks.

You would be shocked to find the things they were carrying with them and that too by keeping them in weird places. Start from dangerous crocodiles to Samurai swords, here are 15 such weird things found.



1. Virtue savior



One time at the Athens airport, the security check detected one woman wearing a Chastity belt. The women actually wore metal chastity belt as a symbol of fidelity on her husband's demand. 


2. How to save the ticket fare!



The news of an eight-year-old Ivorian boy smuggled into Spain from Morocco is genuinely shocking. This is such a cruel act. Here an 8-year boy was actually packed in the bag like luggage.


3. The lipstick gun



A strange looking lipstick from the bag of women at Vermont airport confused the hell out of their security team. But, after careful examination, they found that it isn't actually lipstick, but a 350,000-volt stun gun. Well, that's innovative but unbelievable. 


4. Spiderman fan



One security officer of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport received the shock of his life when he found 200 tarantula spiders from a German couple’s bag.  We usually buy magnetic stickers as holiday memory, but this couple took 200 tarantulas as holiday memory from their South America visit.


5. Golden toilet



From the toilet of Mumbai to Bangkok flight, a one-time attendant found a massive gold bar which was worth 1.2 million dollars. 


6. Tik Tok Tik To Boom



Alarm clock located in the bag of a man at Oakland airport scares the shit out of everyone as the watch resembled a bomb. That really created chaos at the airport.


7. There is something fishy



One time a full aquarium was found from a person. A person had 15 bags filled with 163 tropical marine fish, 12 Trachemys Scripta (red sliders), 22 invertebrates, 24 live coral pieces, eight pieces of Scleactinina were found at the security check.


8. Walkers can be useful



You don't only found tennis balls attached to a walker. Airport security guard once found a knife attached to the walker. Again brilliant idea, but highly dangerous.


9. Samurai fan



Once Samurai swords were found in JFK. That can be one hell of a tribute to John Belushi, but it's not included in airport safety list. Sorry Samurai fans!


10. Horn



A powder horn with approximately three ounces of black powder was once discovered from one gentleman's bag.


11. High on peanut butter



Yet, another creative idea where passengers mix marijuana with peanut butter. Very delicious, you can't get when you are already in the air. A lame joke, but seriously no drugs during airborne.


12. Stun-gun phone



A stun gun was found in the shape of a handset. Seriously, guys, you got so many innovative ideas, why don't you use it for useful purposes?


13. Pup in the bag



A poor little Chihuahua did not want to stay without her owner. So, she simply locked her in her hand baggage which is a super cute act towards her pet!


14. Crocodile lover



Security once found seven living crocodiles from the bag of the person traveling from Bangkok to Bangladesh.


15. Bear attack deterrent



Okay, very unusual but a guy found with a bear attack deterrent at Alaska airport. But, seriously what he will do with that in Alaska.


In today's world of weird happenings, you never know what the person you met in the airport is carrying. Stay away from unknown people else you could get linked as well.



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