11 Trippy Facts About Marijuana, the most widely used drug in the world!


Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Hemp, different names for the same plant! Indigenous to Asia and the Indian subcontinent Marijuana was found to be the most used drug around the world, recreational or otherwise. This is vastly due to the easy availability and lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of the plant and its by-products. Although calling it harmful off the bat would be a harsh statement, as much research into its effects and usage haven't really been carried out. Nevertheless, moderation is key is any aspect of life! Take a glance at surprising facts about marijuana.




1. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol!



While both these are recreational intoxicants and have different short-term and long-term effects, extensive research into alcoholism has been conducted and is proven to be far more harmful than cannabis consumption! Although the fact that monitoring of the effects of cannabis on the human body & its research still being in its infancy, cannot be dismissed.




2. Marijuana smokers run the same risks as that of Tobacco smokers



Although it is better than alcohol, Heavy Smoking of Marijuana poses the same health risks as that of tobacco smoking, that include bronchitis & other respiratory disorders, fatal hit to the entire immune system, sometimes worsening of the very diseases that it supposedly cures (cancer, HIV etc.)




3. Prevents the spreading of aggressive cancers & also cures them!



A pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco has discovered that a chemical compound, Cannabidiol or CBD found in the cannabis plant, can turn off the ID-1 gene (that which spreads various types of cancers) essentially returning the affected cells to normal.




4. Uruguay, the 1st to make it legal




The country of Uruguay was in 2013, was the first in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana!




5. The synthetic version can perpetuate effects for 3 days!



Back in 1949, the US military created the synthetic version of marijuana, called the Dimethylheptylpyran! A chemical, 1 mg of which can have the same effects of marijuana lasting for 3 days!




6. The 1st thing ever sold on the internet!



The distinction of being the very first thing ever sold and bought on the internet goes to a bag of marijuana back in 1971!




7. You need an impossible amount of it to result in an overdose



Nobody has ever died of cannabis overdose (a large amount of the substance in a short span). Theoretically, the amount required to actually die of an overdose is 1500 pounds (680 kg) in 15 minutes!




8. Marijuana absorbs nuclear radiation



In 1971, the Ukraine's Institute of Bast Crops planted large quantities of industrial marijuana near Chernobyl in order to remove contaminants present in the soil. 




9. Not just for recreation!



Hemp, a type of industrial cannabis, and its fibers are shown to have a very high tensile strength and were shown to have been used to move the giant stone-heads (& bodies) in the Easter Islands by using a replica of the heads!




10. Indians drink it!



Although any & all forms of marijuana usage is illegal in India, some allowances are made for the sake of tradition. The most popular amongst these traditions are the usage of Bhang where the seeds & leaves are mixed with milk to be consumed as a milkshake!




11. The myriad of Colorado medical weed dispensaries!



In the state of Colorado, USA medical marijuana dispensaries outnumber Starbucks outlets with an astounding 3:1 ratio!

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