8 Popular Cricketers Who Went To Jail For Shocking Reasons!!


Cricket is said to be a gentleman's game. Among those gentlemen, some turned out to be exceptions. Apart from cricketing scams, there are many popular cricketers who went to jail for various illegal activities. Some of them were lucky enough to find smart lawyers who got them out of jail in short span of time. They are the reason why cricket has left black spots in the minds of the billions of fans. 


1. Navjot Singh Sindhu




This is probably the most shocking one in the entire list. The most charismatic personality in Indian cricketing history was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for harassing an old man who later died. But his lawyers bailed him out of the jail in a few days by appealing in the high court.




2. Umar Akmal




Umar Akmal has been accused of bad behavior in dressing room on multiple occasions. He once broke the traffic rule and thought of running away with it as he was an influential person in the country. But he was caught later and put behind the bars for a few days before bailing out.




3. S Sreesanth




Sreesanth had to stay behind the bars when he was in the prime of his career for spot-fixing. Apart from that, he had to face lifetime ban of playing cricket in any tournament. 




4. Makhaya Ntini




One of the most successful pace bowlers of South Africa was sentenced to six years behind the bars for raping a teenager. But thanks to his smart lawyers, they bailed him out in a few days.




5. Luke Pomersbach




Pomersbach was put in prison in India for molesting a woman in his hotel room. He was playing for Kings XI Punjab during that time. The owners of the team got him out the next day.




6. Ijaz Ahmed




The legendary batsman of Pakistan was put in jail for two weeks because his Rupees 1 Crore cheque bounced. He had to pay the money before getting out of the prison.




7. Salman Butt, Md. Asif and Md. Amir




The most embarrassing incident in cricketing history when these young players who were reaching their prime were found guilty of match-fixing charges. They were sentenced to jail for more than five years. 




8. Chris Lewis





This English cricketer had to spend years behind the bar because he was caught red-handed smuggling cocaine. Even the lawyers could not save him and he got what he deserved.



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