11 Signs That There Are Some Problems In Your Kidneys!

Kidneys are as important as all other organs in our body and you should pick up the early signs and symptoms your body throws up to warn about its kidneys' malfunctioning. Kidneys are the ones which keep the acid-alkaline balance in your body and filter out the toxins continuously.

Nearly 1 million people die due to untreated kidney failure every year worldwide. It is high time you recognize the signs of your kidney's not performing as they are meant to and visit a physician without delay. 



1. Urination 



Urine and its properties are directly related to the health of your kidneys. If you have to urinate frequently at night or pain in urinating, it is a sign of concern. Similarly, if your urine is too foamy or if you see blood passing through your urine, visit a doctor who is kidney specialist or nephrologists.


2. Excessive Swelling



When the kidneys are not performing well, the fluids get retained in the body and swelling can be experienced in several parts of the body especially in the feet, hands, and ankles. 


3. Puffy Eyes



When the kidneys are not working at an optimal level, they tend to release more proteins in the urine and the urine becomes foamy. This leads the body to have a deficiency of proteins and the eyes get puffy. 


4. Back Pain



There are various reasons that can cause back pain and if you feel that the pain is somewhere deep, it could well be due to the formation of cysts in kidneys. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs and cause pain in the region below the rib cage. This should also accompany by vomiting and feel sick and tired. 


5. Shortness Of Breath and Bad Breath


As waste stars to build up in the blood, the taste of your taste buds change and it also leads to bad breath. You also lose your appetite and see unwanted weight loss. Furthermore, the extra fluid in the body moves into the lungs and you will run out of breath after a very short sprint. 


6. Skin Issues


As the kidneys not working properly, the toxins in the blood rise and it leads to several skin issues. For example, rashes and itchiness are very common. Dry skin is another sign of kidney problem as the right balance of acid-alkaline and other minerals are not properly maintained. 

7. Anemia



Kidneys are responsible for producing EPO which is instrumental in the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, kidneys' malfunction is responsible for anemia which can lead to several other issues.


8. Sluggishness



The early sign of anemia is sluggishness especially when you least expect it to happen. The reduction in red blood cells in the body causes tiredness all the time and a little bit of work will make you sleepy.


9. Nausea and Vomiting



As the toxins and garbages are building up in your body due to improper functioning of kidneys, nausea and vomiting are the only way for the body to get rid of the poisonous particles. 


10. Metallic Taste in Mouth



Most of the patients with kidney problems have reported that they often get metallic tastes in their mouth which could be the result of toxins circulating in the blood. It could also alter the usual tastes of food. 


11. Lack Of Concentration and Trouble In Sleeping



The increase in the level of toxins make your body uneasy and you cannot fall asleep easily. Heavy snoring sounds after pausing to breath for few seconds is one sign. Due to the uneasiness in your body, you cannot concentrate on work and people also get into depression. 


If you have any of these signs mentioned for quite some time now, you should visit a physician immediately. 



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