13 Unusual Types Of Passengers Air Hostesses Absolutely Hate

It is not easy to deal with masses just as it is not easy to become a flight attendant. Do you know that flight attendants have to be unmarried, learn surviving skills like Kung Fu, extreme deep water swimming and living in the jungle?

After overcoming such tough challenges in training, they have to put up with certain passengers who treat them inappropriately like slaves and annoy them in every possible way. Here are the types of passengers flight attendants absolutely hate yet serve with a smile.



1. Poking or Tugging


These are certain passengers (not the kids) who like to physically touch the attendants to ask for something or order a drink or faood. It is common for any stranger to get annoyed when poked or dresses are tugged, and air hostesses are no exception.


2. Modern Photographers



Ever since smartphones came with great cameras, passengers click a lot of photos on the flight. But things cross the limit when they try to take the photos of the attendants on their faces and even make videos and make them public on social media. 


3. Constant Complaining



There are some regular passengers who complain about anything and everything and call the attendants hundreds of times. It could be complaining about the meal, temperature, light, seat, passengers, and what not. 


4. Loud Talkers 



Some people have this habit of talking loudly and most annoyingly, laughing out loud. Flight attendants need to make sure that the onboard environment stays comfortable for everyone and this type of passengers absolutely kill it for others. 


5. Louder Breathing



You can ask a person to talk slowly and softly but what will you do when someone is snoring badly? This type of passengers annoy the attendants as they cannot control the snoring even after the repeated requests from attendants and complaints from neighboring passengers. 


6. Leg Keepers



It is true that in economy class, it is rather difficult to sit comfortably for long. But that does not mean you can keep your barefoot and foot with smelly socks in between the gap of the front seats. You will piss the passengers and attendants internally.


7. Hair Keepers



This is a very common problem with girls who have long hair. They keep their hair over the seat in such a way that the back passengers cannot see the attached TV. They do not care even when told as they think they own the seat completely. 


8. The Pushers 



There are certain people who keep pushing the seat of the front passengers which also includes the kids. They do it either with foot or head, and they are absolutely annoying in nature.


9. Inappropriate Dressers



In long flights, some passengers start to consider the plane as their home and put on shorts, boxers, walks barefoot and what not. This is such a distraction and embarrassment to others. 


10. Standup Comedians



Some people have the habit of standing in the passageway and chatting with people and making people laugh with jokes. It blocks the passageway and makes it uncomfortable for other passengers and hostesses to pass by. 


11. Dress Keepers



In long flights, people take off certain dresses as per the rise and fall of internal temperature and instead of keeping them in appropriate places, they put it up on the seats for the back passengers to get annoyed. 


12. The Dirty Deeds



Some passengers treat air hostesses as slaves and hand over dirty tissues, diapers, vomit bags in awful forms. No wonders if it infuriates them internally. 


13. The Flirting Guys



What annoys the air hostesses the most is when certain passengers keep on flirting with them. This encourages other passengers to do the same with them and they start to get unnecessary calls and requests now and then.  



Do share your experience of passengers annoying the flight attendants and what do you think should be the treatment such passengers should get? There are also many deeds which can kick off you out of thr airplane.



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