Most Beautiful Waterfalls In India To Visit

India is a country of diversity having all the different types of natural beauties you can think of. Starting from seashore and hilly areas to desert and waterfalls, India is a gem for tourists. If you are fascinated by waterfalls, here is the most beautiful waterfalls in India to visit.

Jog Falls, Karnataka

The Jog falls is also known as Gersoppa by the residents. It is wide with a girth of 290, meters that make the waterfall prominent and not the height of it. The Jog falls is on river Sharavati and it is one of the most recognized waterfalls. It is also the second highest waterfall in Asia.


Sirimane Falls, Karnataka

Sirimane is the perfect place to take up for the closer residents on weekends, and have fun. Thia waterfall is just 14 kms away from Sringeri. The fall is pretty small when compared to others, but simultaneously it is encircled by the in depth beauty.  During visit, you should be careful of the encircled slippery rocks. The ideal time to visit here is between September to December.


Thommankuthu Falls, Kerala

The beauty of these falls will regenerate your body, mind and soul. The fall is named after Thommankuthu, the great hunter who ascertained it. The fall is surrealistic and one of the beautiful waterfalls with 7-step waterfalls. Its unrealistic beauty will make you feel like you’ve been to paradise on earth. One can travel to this place by train, air or bus.


Duduma Falls, Odisha

Duduma falls is also recognized as Matsya Tirtha. It is one of the highest waterfalls in southern India. This fall got famous in the year 1941 when people began their research for launching hydroelectric power plant there. Visitors are not permitted to visit in the backyard of waterfalls, however they bask in the trolley rides.


Vantawng Khawhthla Falls, Mizoram

This fall is amid the highest fall in Mizoram, and Mizoram is store house of natural beauty. This fall is a two-tiered waterfall with a height of 751 feet. The fall is encircled with the green forest far from our chaotic usual routine life. The ideal time to visit this place is on monsoon when the flow of water ranges to the maximum.


Karumalai Falls, Tamil Nadu

Karumali fall is located in Valparai, Tamil Nadu. This fall is encircled by the exuberant forest of Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Tea Plantation.

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