8 Mysterious Happenings On Mt. Everest That Hunt The Mountaineers

Being the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest has been climbed by mountaineers from different countries of the world. Even though the condition is always rough, they always take pride in their achievement. But there had been some events and experiences that could make your blood cold.

There are many facts about the Himalayas. However, Mount Everest, the 60 million old mountain is not free of mysteries. Nearly 3.7% people died trying to climb its peak out of which some deaths are still unexplained. Here are the top mysteries of Mount Everest nobody told you.



Check Out Mysterious Happenings On Mt. Everest


1. The Mystery Of Maurice Wilson


Maurice Wilson is the most bizarre mountaineer who decided to fly a plane to Mount Everest and crash it on the upper slope of the mountains and then climb to the summit. He had no experience of flying a plane or mountaineering. He learned them in a few months.

As per the plan, he set off one day, and he could not make it as he got lost due to lack of proper guiding equipment. When his dead body was found later, he was wearing a lady's garment and undergarment. A few years later, a lady's shoes(high heels) were also discovered. Was he carrying them or a female figure was already present there?


2. The Ghost Sightings


Many mountaineers including the record-holder Sherpa Pemba Dorje reported encountering ghosts in Mount Everest. He said that he was surrounded by ghosts which seem to be those mountaineers who died and their dead bodies were never discovered.


3. The Invisible Guiding Third Person



In 1975, British mountaineers Haston and Scott got stuck in one place due to bad weather and they butane heater stopped working. They thought they would freeze and took shelter in a cave. They claim that they met an invisible spirit who told them how to keep their body hot and the path to take to reach the peak. There are various popular mountaineers who claimed to have met this path showing invisible spirit


4. The Mysterious Yeti


Yeti has been the most talked about topic when it comes to bizarre things about mountaineering. Sightings, footprints on rocks and even DNA evidence led to the belief of its existence. In 2009, Joshua and his team collected body hair of Yeti from different footprints, and some of them measure 10 to 13 inches long. The DNA sequence obtained from them are still unrecognized. 


5. The Death Zone Of Mount Everest



There is a place in Mount Everest called Death Zone that spans over 8000 meters. It is so named because out of 3.7% of mountaineers died, most of them breathe last in this area. What leads to some of the deaths in this place is beyond understanding. 


6. The Supernatural Case of Frank Smythe



Frank Smythe tried to conquer the peak of Mount Evert in 1933 before Hillary and Norgay but failed. In the process, he met with bizarre experiences. When he was climbing, he felt that someone else was also climbing with him which was invisible. Secondly, when he was at 8565 meters spot, he saw two objects flying at the peak. They were like kite in shape and had underdeveloped wings. Apparitions or aliens?


7. Who Climbed The Mount Everest First?


Our history books tell us that both Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed it together. But the evidence suggests that it was Edmund Hillary who did it first, but the fact was covered up due to a previously signed pack between British and Nepal government.


8. The Curious Case Of Mallory and Irvine


Hillary and Norgay conquered Everest in 1953, but in 1924, two EnglishmentGeorge Mallory and Sandy Irvine started their climb to conquer it. They were seen nearly 300 meters away from the peak when an avalanche started descending. Nobody knows whether they made it, but Irvine said that if he reached the peak, he would leave his wife's photo there. When his dead body was discovered, the photo was missing. 


There is almost nothing in this world that has no mystery attached to it. If you have heard about some bizarre unheard mysteries about any other popular mountain, do mention them in the comment section. 



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