5 Places Where You Will See The Bluest Water On Earth

We go to the beaches during our vacation for the blue water. However, with the increase in water pollution and environmental degradation, there are not many blue beaches available in the world. Out of the handful fews, we have listed the top 5 such places where the water is still blue and in fact, they are the bluest water on earth right now.

Wakatobi, Indonesia

This place is a group of four islands that is in the southwestern part of Indonesia. As soon as your flight inters this area you will see clear water that is blue in color which is a great view. This place allows you to enjoy a good amount of sun on your skin and a cool breeze on your hair at the same time sipping coconut water. This is one of the most preferred tourist’s destination and is very beautiful on look.

Cayo Coco, Cuba

This place is on the north coast if Cuba and is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists. This is very beautiful and allows you to have a pleasant time by viewing the clearest blue water on the earth. This will let you have a fun time enjoying cocktails on the white beach and relax all day long. This is also suitable to take a dive into the clear water and lets you view coral reefs of different types.

Sua Trench, Samoa

This is also famous as worst mist amazing and beautiful swimming pool. This is a dream for a variety of divers and is very beautiful and superb in looks. It is a 30-meter hole swimming pool that is in the middle of a lava field. This is easily accessible through a ladder that has a base for a single person. This place allows you to have a very unique and beautiful swimming experience.

Con Son, Vietnam

This is a place where very fewer people have seen and lets you get a view of blue water. This is suitable for people who prefer a place which is less crowded yet beautiful. This is on the southern coast of Vietnam. In this, you will find golden color sand and clear blue water. This has a breathtaking view and attracts a good amount of tourists.


Havelock Island, India

Those people who are residing in India it is very good to know that they don’t have to fly internationally to get the view of the beautiful island as this island is in India. This is very famous for its magnificent beauty and it is a part of Andaman Nicobar and falls in the Bay of Bengal. In this, you will find white color sand and crystal clear green color water. The has scenic beauty and lets you enjoy on the beach all day long without any types of hesitation.

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