Most Affordable Country To Travel and Live Your Life

There are many who dream of living in a foreign country but the only obstacle is the financial expenditure. However, there are certain countries that are perfect for you as they are among the most affordable countries. In fact, you can consider visiting the most affordable countries for travel purpose with minimum budget.


Greece is believably the most underestimated country. You can keep Greece on your list as your next holiday destination. You can spend an awesome reasonable night on the well-known Greek islands. One can also have tasty delicacies at an affordable rate.


You can divulge the natural wonders as the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital has frequently been denoted as one of the most galvanizing cities globally. And that is because of its vivacious night-life.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is surrounded by palm trees, tea plantations, cool sandy beach, clouded mountains with scintillating waterfalls. However, one can still opt for a simple satisfying fish curry or trek in the jungle or even hotels on the beach.


Bulgaria is merely beautiful to look at and it offers something for all sort of holiday. You can visit Sofia, the country’s capital, where you will experience a friendly ambiance with satisfying meals. And get lots of splendid sights.


Honduras will offer you with deep blue sea, white sandy beaches with palm trees, and variably reasonable tasty food. Honduras is the most reasonable vacation destination in Central America for bargainers. Besides, there are other locations like Costa Rica and Guatemala.


You can consider Budapest for self pamper with a yummy cake, and a schnapps as a nightcap. You’ll bask in the thermal baths too and all of these at a rational rate. Budapest should be on your path for any European travel.


One can capture unique photos in the Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt pan in the universe. However, one can still find pretty photogenic spots in the old town Calle Jaen, and look up to the well-kept colonial alley in Bolivia.


One can pass a day in India in about 15-20 euros. So, it is one of the cheapest countries for vacation. One can spend tons of money in India if they take a shopping tour or put-up in a lavish international hotel.


The vivacious capital of Hanoi is just as exhilarating, if maybe a pretty less relaxing, than the nation’s colorful rice fields. Vietnam is still one of the inexpensive vacation destination in the world in spite of the rising population.


Cambodia’s highest attraction is the Angkor Wat, one of the most renowned and riveting temple complexes in the universe. At present Cambodia is primarily on the path for backpackers.

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