7 New And Original Theme Ideas For Your Kitty Party

Being a host is not an easy task and especially when you have to think of a whole new and different theme for your kitty party! With others doing quite some incredible work, coming up with epic ideas and astonishing creativity, you just cannot lag behind with the ideas used centuries back. You want them to remember the hard work you do, physically as well as mentally, and with appreciation. Thus goes 7 new and original theme ideas for your kitty party. Grab the praise!

1. Princess-y

Sounds like a kid’s birthday party idea? Think again! All women, at some point in life, think of the princess-y stuff – Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, women of all age know of these. All grown up now but why not give them a chance to realize the fairytale world for a day? You can work around royal-like decorations and stuff pretty easily too!

2. Vintage

Vintage is darn in and with the 70s fashion coming up, this theme can seriously be a “Hit” idea. Women can simply take out their yesterday bought Palazzos and won’t even mind buying something new for your kitty! And giving women an opportunity to shop, they love your kitty and you as a host already! Vintage decoration – not that tough, not at all!

3. Paper

Confused? This unique theme will be a lot of fun to carry out; so many improvisations can be done! From Paper Dosa to paper decorations to origami to gifting paper-quilled accessories, you may work around a lot. Try this for fun: Ask the ladies to come wearing as many paper stuff (bag, wallet, bangles) as possible and see the craziness!

4. Vamps

“Dress like your favorite actress” – Uh, boring! How about role reversal? Give the theme of vamps, give the chance of ladies wearing their sexiest of sarees and your kitty is a success! Epic vamps’ posters, both movies and Ekta Kapoor’s, fun stuff around make-up accessories, lips-shaped gifts, it’s gonna be fun and you know that! Follow this non-cliche!

5. It’z Different!

How about giving different themes to different members? Oh my, that’s gonna be super interesting! You may assign the personalities yourself, Madonna to a singer, Priyanka Chopra to a hottie, Queen Elizabeth to someone classy, y’know? Include different personalities, ranging from politics to movies to sports to talents to everything you can think of!

6. Fears

This could be a real novel theme, with loads of potential decorations and arrangements to work around. “Fears” – I can imagine ladies wearing all black for fear of the dark, stripes for fear of snakes, blue for fear of water, white for fear of ghosts, brown for fear of lizards, flowery prints for fear of their gardens going dry, et cetera, et cetera.

7. Trend-setter

Most important: a difference between trendsetter and trend-follower. Yeah, women are NOT supposed to come like the trendiest fashionistas, rather they would come with their own, unique style. Good, bad, weird, Dupatta with a gown, shirt with a long skirt, doesn’t matter. Creativity does. Could be really fun, but only if your kitty members are sporty.

How do you like these new kitty theme ideas? Do put down your comments and let us know your ideas as well as your reactions to these. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!

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