11 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas For Sudden Guests


Tell me if you never had a sudden guest; not possible, right? Husband getting his friends home, relatives coming over whenever they are feeling like, friend coming home being at nearby areas – these instances, apart from other things and emotions, demand one most important thing: Food! Guessed it right eh! Earlier, you would only stock up the house with a variety of eatables on festivals, but now, the need of the hour is to be ready for sudden, uninvited guests anytime! Not to worry, there are many easy snacks that can quickly be prepared, if you have the right ingredients. Check out these 11 quick snacks for sudden guests – win via tummy, their hearts!



1. Corn Sandwich


This would be a good and quick snack as the only major ingredient in this is sweet corn. Prepare a mixture of boiled sweet corn with loads of mayonnaise. Add onions, tomatoes, capsicums and other veggies as per the taste requirement and availability; of course, also, salt, pepper, and other spices. Put in the sandwich maker and woo-hoo!



2. Garlic Bread


Keeping garlic bread in the house is a darn good idea – everyone loves it! And how easy it is a thing to make, that would be a rhetorical question altogether. Cheese garlic bread is a basic of course. Try putting some onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, corns, olives as per taste and availability of ingredients in the house.



3. Fried Maggi


You know how quickly you can make Maggi, and frying it doesn't take time too! Cook your Maggi like you do normally but not fully. Turn the gas off when it is a little more than half-way, let it cool for 3-5 minutes and fry it. Sprinkle a little lemon juice and coriander leaves and you may serve it as it is or as sides with your Sandwiches or Garlic Bread.



4. Corn Chaat


Even quicker and smarter way of preparing small snacks is to use the same ingredient in multiple dishes. Remember the corn sandwich that you decided to make? Just boil some extra corns and improvise with lemon sweet corn (boiled) Chaat and corn salad (mixture that you prepared). Corns work amazingly as nobody hates it, if not, in fact, loves it.



5. Processed Foods


For convenience sake, processed foods have become quite trendy these days and it's not a bad idea at all to serve some to your guests. Keep at home the frozen foods, French fries, Cheese Balls etc., frying which they are absolutely ready to eat! And they taste pretty good too. So, you make your guests happy, and you make yourself happy too!



6. Nachos


Nachos are quite a favorite for the taste buds of today's generations. If by chance you have Nachos at home, immediately include it in your menu. Just serve with the sauces that you have at home and they are good to go. For better presentation, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, pickles, melted cheese and boiled kidney beans are awesome.



7. Pizza Bread


Pizza Bread is as good an alternative as pizza itself! Just prepare the mixture like you do for Pizza – veggies, sauces, spices, cheese and put it on bread slices. Grate some cheese over the top and roast the pizza bread till it's golden. Crunchy, delicious and pizza-like dish is what you get. Oh, and be ready to tell/hide the recipe too!



8. Fruit Chaat


Fruits today have become a luxury and presenting some luxury as a starter always works, especially in the case of fresh and juicy fruits. All you need to do is to cut some and present nicely. You may experiment with making Fruit Chaat by putting black salt/Chaat masala/spices to taste. You may even save some for dessert. How – go to next point.



9. Fruit Cream


Fruit cream is one of the easiest and yummiest desserts to make and eat. If you had cut some fruits for starters, save some for the dessert. Act smart! Save fruits like pomegranates and strawberries only for the dessert to let the guests ignore your cheat. Also, offer some fruit cream to pack for your guests. Even if they don't take the offer, they are gonna love you!



10. Ice-cream Sodas


When in summer, go for ice! While iced tea is another good option, ice-cream soda is gonna get you some praise. Vanilla ice-cream and soda/carbonated drinks are all that you are gonna need and what you taste is gonna be heavenly. Making ice-cream shakes in place of sodas could be a good option too. Yummy and filling!



11. Assorted Tray


An assorted tray with little amounts of home mixtures, Bhujias, Namkeens, Cookies, Matthris etc. can be a really good option to fill the stomachs of your guests. Plus, with other stuff, home food slips finely in and gets eaten in no time. Using the easiest option – why not?! And people especially appreciate home food, so win win!



Hope this helps when some sudden guests visit your home. Don't forget to experiment with the stuff you have at home too! Remember, you are the master chef of your kitchen. Cheers!



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