Make Amazing Stuff Out of 15 Random things you Thought Were Waste & Broken!


There are at least 13 of these things which we thought were of no use at all, but let them be in a corner of the house. It is now time to get those junk out, give them a brand new makeover and a new purpose! Most of the things found here require almost no effort at all to tur them into something useful and attrctive, which could almost always save you a few bucks.




1. A Holder from broken Tennis ball





2. Fancy plant from a punctured tyre!





3. Key chains of your favourite wine from leftover corks – Bonus: It floats!





4. Turn and old & frail ladder into a colorful book-shelf!





5. Broken Garden rake into a wine holder





6. Organize cables with used up toilet paper rolls!





7. If you have several expired Credit cards and a love for guitar music, you don't have to worry about gutar picks anymore!





8. If you worry about cleaning up after drilling holes in your wall, don't! Use Post-It notes.





9. Legos that you don't use anymore can be made into key chains & used as neat key hangers.





10. Use Cloth-clips to hold a nail while hammering it!





11. Another way to hang keys, but this time recycling old seatbelts and looking cool at the same time






12. Make yourself a holder for the phone while it charges out of your empty shampoo bottle





13. You can make a fancy memory globe with nothing but an old globe-model and printouts!





14. Turn an old hard scrub into a make-up/painstbrush holder!





15. Finally, you can use your old casette cases as easy-phone holders!


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