11 Peculiar things our body does that we never knew about !


The human body is full of mysteries. It implements certain changes to make itself more adaptive, or as a defence mechanism or simply has numerous unusual tricks and tips that you can make your body do!



1. Have a tickle in your throat? All you need to do is scratch your ear



If you feel a tingling feeling inyour throat, you just need to scratch your ear to get rid of it. Apparently, it causes some kind of muscle twitch that eases the pain.




2. If you have an urge to urinate, all you have to do is to think of SEX!



When you have the urge to make pee-pee, just think of SEX, and it will be gone in no time. This is because your brain is distracted from the urge!




3. Coughing prevents teensy-weensy pains!



If you're scared of needles, you can just cough to prevent yourself from feeling that pain while getting a flu shot. It is said that coughing decreases the pain signals sent to your brain.




4. Sleeping on your left side prevents acid reflux



When you sleep on your left, the oesophagus, and the stomach are placed at an angle where the stomach is lower than the food-pipe, thereby preventing acid reflux.




5. Blowing on your thumb can reduce the heart rate!



If you're having an anxiety attack and your heart-rate is racing upwards, all you need to do is blow on your thumb. Apparently, it has a nerve ending that is responsible for controlling the heartbeat!




6. Aching joints can mean, there is a storm around the corner!



The proverb is actually true! When there is a colder weather approaching, the atmospheric pressure drops and increases the joint fluid and making them achy.




7. Our sense of smell can make us travel through time (mentally of course)



Because the part of our brain responsible for memory and the one for smell are so closely situated, whenever you smell something familiar, it brings up the related event or person and so on. Amazing!




8. Superhuman strength from your digestive system



During times of emergency, when we need a lot of strength adrenaline gets pumped to the brain, which shuts down the digestive system, among other reactions, which allows our muscles to contract better giving us superhuman strength, albeit for a short period! 




9. Our body kills one cell a day that COULD have been cancer. Yikes!



Our body kills at least one cell that could have been cancer each day! The sunburn you get isn't a destruction of your cells but of their DNA. If they weren't destroyed, then – HELLO CANCER!




10. We GLOW in the DARK



Yes, we are all walking glow sticks! But our bioluminescence it is too faint to be detected by the naked eye!




11. You can never tickle yourself!



Tickling depends solely on the lament of surprise, and since while doing it to yourself, you would know exactly where and when you would be tickling, the cerebellum cancels out the sensation with the prediction!

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