9 Crazy Optical Illusion that will Certainly Question your Sensibility!


Our mind works in mysterious ways, what seems to be isn't always what you see. Here are some images to twist your reality, basically like putting your brain into a blender. Have fun!



1. Are the horizontal bars straight or not? 





2. Are these seeds dancing in a circle or are they static?





3. You think the 2 horizontal lines are of the same length?





4. You can make 2 of the 3 yellow spots disappear by concentrating on any on of them for 20 sec.!





5. Want to light up this bulb? Stare at it for 30 sec. and shift your gaze to an empty wall!





6. You want to turn a B/W image into a color one? Stare at the dot!





7. There are 2 different colored arrows here






8. Are there 2 shades of gray? Try covering the horizontal boundary with your finger





9. Focus on the center of the image for 25 sec. to see the picture disappear in front of your eyes 



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