11 Hilarious words in the English language to tickle your ears!

English is a funny language! Apart from the ever-so-twisted grammar and deceivingly similar spellings giving totally different meanings, there are quite a few words that absolutely tickle to ear! Other than sounding funny, these words also have proper Medieval-English meanings and usage. You may use them to sound, Sir-like!




1. Allegator (æ-luh-gay-dur)



Not alligator! Allegator, which means someone who alleges, or when a person claims something to be true, when there is a severe lack of proof!

"He's nothing but an allegator"




2. Bumbershoot (buhm-ber-shoot)



Just another word for an umbrella!

"Pass me my bumbershoot, will ya?"




3. Borborygmi (bawr-buh-rig-mahy)



You don't have to say "My tummy is making noise.." there is a word for it!

"Nothing! it's just my tummy's borborygmi!"




4. Fuddy-Duddy (fuhd-ee-duhd-ee)



An old fashioned person, who is very conservative about things.

"They are just a bunch of Fuddy-Duddies, pay no heed to them.."




5. Gobbledygook (gob-uh l-dee-goo k)



Derived from the sound that a Turkey makes, it means that someone made no sense at all.

"It was all a load of gobbledygook to me"




6. Gobemouche (gob-uh moosh)



This one sure sounds like it's meaning, which is, someone who is very silly and gullible.

"You have a indelible ink on your forehead!"

"What? Where?"

"Relax, it was just a joke, you Gobemouche"




7. Lollygag (lol-ee-gag)



One of the most common words in the USA, which means to while away time doing nothing!

"Stop lollygagging and get to work!"




8. Namby-pamby (nam-bee-pam-bee)



Although, it sounds juvenile, it makes a pretty strong statement, meaning that someone or something is weak, indecisive and spineless

"It was the namby-pamby handling of the criminals that caused this chaos today" 




9. Snollygoster (snol-ee-gos-ter)



It is a word for a person who just cannot be trusted! Wormtail from Harry Potter comes to mind!

"It was Wormtail.."

"Why, that snollygoster.."




10. Wabbit (wæbɪt)



Although it sounds very close to rabbit, it doesn't mean anything close to the memeber of the rodent family.

In fact, it means to be worn out and exhausted, hmm.

"I'm feeling somewhat wabbit"


11. Manambamate (mun-um bum-athe)


This one may sound a little like Sanskrit! It is the when you don't feel hungry at all, when in love apparently! We seem to doing fine with anything that is related to food! cheeky

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