Amusing List of 21 Funny WiFi Names


Wifi has been somewhat of a bone of contention, in this smartphone driven world. Ever since Wifi was introduced 19 years ago in September 1998, it has only given us more and more good things! With the technology, we don't have to rely on slow Bluetooth connectivity to transfer things, use the internet a lot faster and it also allows us to connect two or more devices together


Gradually, as people became more and more familiar with this technology, they started to be funny with it, and that gave rise to funny wifi names.  Check out our collection of the good and the funniest Wifi Network names!



Check out The List of 21 Funny WiFi Names 


1. One for the technologically challenged mothers


One of the more clever and funny wifi names is one which directly speaks to the one person in te house who doesn;t quite get the hang of technology, your mother. 



2. It's all about "cex"


A funny name is only enhanced when your neighbors join your party. Although wary of kids using the wifi, and hence the censored version of sex, this one is hilarious with 3 kinds of sex!



3. He or she might be crying for help 


A creative, and one that obviously joins the league of funny wifi names os the one below. A great play on the word IP and at the same time, maybe calling for a doctor?



4. Sick of the freeloading kids


Only a person who is fed up of his neighbor kids mooching his wifi can come up with such network names. One that points directly at the kids who are having the time of their lives with free wifi.



5. A fitting reply


Someone got tired of all the internet sealing that has been happening to him and probably the one stealing finally got a new connection and wanted to make it known to the former. Just a guess.



6. Daughter in question!


Looks like someone wanted to get back at their neighbor but doing things to their daughter. And like a true keyboard warrior that he is, he gave a reply the same way he received it.



7. A tribute to the magical world of Harry Potter


This one is an extremely cool and the best wifi name, in our opinion of course. Only a true fan of Harry Potter could have come up with this beauty of a wifi name. Brings back nostalgic memories of the great hall in the movies and books.





8. Free shower views?


Most of the time you have to pay something to watch, you know someone getting nude, but this, whoever it is, likes people watching them showering. We have to say, it's a win-win situation!



9. An audio treat


Someone hears their neighbor and sets his wifi password to, well that. The neighbor who is proud of what he has been achieving every night sets this one as his wifi name!



10. Romantic or just buttering up?


Evey once in a while your wife needs to hear that you love her. What better way to say that than setting the wifi name to exactly what you want to say? Or he is just buttering her up for something he did wrong.



11. The power of the mighty penis and rhymes, together!


This funny wifi name, apparently which reads "penis power" is not the only one that is hysterical in the picture. You can also see that the following names rhyme with the first one.



12. Caution: Hacker at work


We don't know the credibility of this picture, but f it did happen, it is one of the coolest things to have happened in the history of hacking!



13. Flamingos!


Looks like someone stole some flamingoes and is trying to sell it over the wifi if you catch our drift!



14. The grounded wifi name


This one looks like a sentence that actually makes sense if you name your network, "No free wifi for you" and you fail to connect to it.



15. Grammar Nazi spotted 


A person bashing someone's music should at least have proper grammar sense for music is nothing but advanced communication.



16. Love for old Abe!


Oh, looks like someone is so grateful to Mr. Lincoln for his service to the nation, and Linksys that he made his network a combination of the two.



17. Caitlin's or rather anyone's ultimatum


This could be the neighbor kids, your annoying neighbor or some creepy person who comes and stands by your house, to hog on your wifi.




18. An overdose of audio pleasure


You can only "enjoy" so much of porn before it becomes an unbearable noise, especially if you are having guests over. guess that's what happened to this guy.



19. Is that Excalibur?


King Arthur is that you? Looks like someone had a lof of fun with symbols and loved their sword collection so much that they made their wifi name a sword!



20. The ancient, mythological Hindu demon king Ravana


This use of symbols to say that they owner of the wifi network is watching you with 10, um, 9 heads is creepy but at the same time a cool and funny name.



21. Jesus vs. Satan


Who do you think would win in a love battle between Jesus and Satan? There's nothing better than two people fucking with each other, and that on the virtual world of the internet!


And with that, we come to the end of the list of funny wifi names. If you don't get them or loved it, just leave a comment below. Alternatively, you could use the reaction buttons to say how you felt about the post. Good day.




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