8 Different Types of Men Fashion Accessories To Shine Your Personality

Gone are the days when the word fashion used to be defined by women only. The usual things men wear like ties, belts, wristwatches, bracelets, and others have become items to flaunt trendy fashion and style. After all, why should girls have all the fun? The fashion factor of a person defines his character and personality

It is a fact that the men fashion accessories' sales figures are jumping by double digits every year across the world. Dress for a man without an accessory is slowly becoming obsolete. For example, shirts with tie or scarf and matching messenger bag, jeans with chains, wallet, and belt. Here are all the different types of men fashion accessories available in the market to make you shine among ordinary men. 



1. Wristwatches



When it comes to an accessory that is somewhat exclusive for men, it has to be wristwatches. Even though casual guys do not wear it after having a smartphone, but fashionable men always buy the most expensive and stunning wrist watches.They steal the show from ordinary men by using different types of watches that amplify the personality. 


2. Neckties 



Gone are the days when ties used to be the sole property of formal dresses. There are various casual outlooks with which a tie can be put on in the trend fashion. Like a shirt tugged inside jeans pant and the tie directly on the neck interior to the shirt. You should go for skinny neckties, cravat or neckerchief


3. Scarves


But going by the trend, ties are being replaced by scarves. Previously, a scarf was an exclusive property of girls. But now, men have taken over completely, and it is a fact that men fashion industry uses more scarves than females. There are winter scarf, sports scarf, business casual scarf, reversible scarf,  evening scarf, and summer scarf too. 

4. Belts


Even though belts as an accessory is considered to be old-school, but women take a good notice of the different types of belt men put on. It makes a person look tough and manly. The summer fabric belts, casual leather belts of different colors, and skinny belts are quite trending in the fashion world. Big buckle belts are also popular and go well with jeans. 

5. Wallets 


When you talk about belts, wallets cannot be far behind as they are made up of leather too. But most men ignore this important fashionable accessory and score poorly in the eyes of girls around. Even though leather wallets are best yet, there are some other types available which are becoming quite popular. Classic Bifold and Trifold, Front Pocket Wallet, Cardholder Case, Coin Wallet, and Checkbook wallet are to name a few. 


6. Sunglasses



More than anything else, sunglasses have become the most used fashion accessories by men around the world. Some people have more sunglasses than dresses sin their wardrobe. Do you know that there are different types of sunglasses that are more than just colors? The Aviator, Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Rimless, Sports sunglasses(Wraparounds), Clubmaster, Mirrored, Notched Bridge are some of the different types of sunglasses you need to give a go. 


7. Messenger Bags


This has become extremely trendy for men to carry messenger bags just like girls. Not only is it useful but it also enhances the dress the person is wearing. It is best for young guys. Too much of design on the bags does not look good for boys.  Hence, monochromatic bags with matching the color of the shirt or rusty color for jeans are great. 


8. Bracelets 


Just like sunglasses, most of the men put on bracelets for fashion. These bracelets also bear hidden meaning for the guy who is wearing it and hence, it always catches attention easily. These days, men go for wrist watch in one wrist and bracelet in the other. There are metal bracelets, nautical, beaded, leather and woven bracelets. 


Go ahead and buy a spacious wardrobe and just like your dresses, bring in variety in your accessories and flaunt it every day.


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