12 Pranks You Can Pull On Your Girlfriend To Have Extreme Fun

The prank is a practical joke played by mischievous acts. We all love to be a prankster and pull a perfect prank because, at the end of the day, we all need some entertainment and loads of fun to laugh and keep the stress away.

What could be a better thing than playing a prank of your girlfriend and create a funny moment to remember in your relationship? Even she could do a prank on you as a revenge to surprise you positively. Here are some of the funniest pranks you can safely play with your partner and show the funny shades of your character.



1. Fake Blood Prank


You need to buy fake blood capsules, or you can make it up with colors. You can come from outside saying someone has hit you in public or you can pretend to fall from the staircase.


2. I Need My Ex Back Prank



This is a prank of next level, and unless you are close with your girlfriend, you should not play it as it could create misunderstanding. For the prank, you have to first complain about the shortcomings of your girlfriend and then compare her with your ex-girlfriend and how good she was. Later, you should say that you miss your ex and want her back because she is better than you. 


3. I Want To Make A Baby Prank



You can catch your girlfriend off guard by saying that you want to make love to her today and get her pregnant so that you can have a baby. You could say that you love babies and have been thinking of having one of late. You can try to get physical with her a little to make it all real.


4. Dating More Than One Girl Prank



You can piss your girlfriend off by saying that you want to date more than one girlfriend at a time. That is, you want to date more girls other than her. You can say that she cannot satisfy you and lacks some qualities and that you love the variety and inspired by other superstars who are doing the same. 

5. Death Prank



To play this prank perfectly, you have to set her up by asking her to visit your home when you are alone. You can leave the door open and lie in your bathroom or any floor with fake blood spread all over. This is going to scare the shit out of her as she would think someone has murdered you.

6. I Am Bisexual Prank



You can make a confession to her in a serious tone that you have been hiding a truth from her. You would be confessing that you like boys and girls and had past relationship with boys. As a matter fo fact, you are thinking of being a relationship with a boy you are checking out late and maintain your relationship with her as well at the same time. 


7. Lyrics Prank



It is a prank playing by texting your girlfriend. You have to select an uncommon song with spicy lyrics, and you have to forward it line by line to her, and she would think that you are expressing your feeling for her. She would get in the mood and then you can reveal it is a lyrics prank and you were playing with her all along. 

8. I Am Ditching You Prank 



In this prank, you have to say that you have been talking to a girl who is very rich and you have made up your mind to be with her so that you do not have to work in your life as that girl has a family business and you can live a luxurious life. This could make her violent or make her cry. 

9. My Ex Called Me Prank



You have to tell your girlfriend that your ex-girlfriend called or texted you and she wants to get back in your life. Keep the fake proofs ready. Then you will say that you always love her more than her(your present girlfriend) and you are thinking of breaking up with her and go back to her. 


10. Used Condom Prank



All you got to do is invite her to your home when you are alone and keep a used condom in your garbage bin. You have to set her up into thinking that you made out with a girl in her absence by making a hickey on your neck or keeping a lady's handkerchief. You have to draw your attention to all those stuff naturally so that she freaks out.


11. I Am Having Drugs Prank



First, you should text her that you take drugs with your friends and you did not confess to her before. You can get fake drugs and take photos as if you are taking it. To make it realistic, you can also have alcohol bottles around. It would be funny to watch her reaction.


12. I Have STD Prank



You have to prepare a fake medical report that reads that you have tested positive for STD. But you have to set up her for days talking about the symptoms of STD and then visiting doctors and going for medical tests. If you had made love to each other recently, it is going to freak her out as STD is a contagious disease. 


Apart from these, you can think of other types of pranks like funny prank calls with the available resources you have and based on the weaknesses of your girlfriend.



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