List of 17 Funny Prank Call Ideas To Have Blast With Laughter

Age is just a number if you have the spirit to prank a person. A prank is the most practice joke you can play on someone without hurting the person physically. Initially, the person would be pissed, but you are creating a memorable moment for the person as well as the people taking part to make the prank successful.

Prank calls are the safest form of pranks to make even the pranked person laugh out loud. They are what people call as the double source of entertainment. Here are some of the hilarious prank call ideas that are bound to make you and your call laugh out loud. 


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1. Loss Of Private Stuff


Call up a hotel and ask them if they have a lost and found case. If they do, say that you have been with your best friend of opposite gender in their hotel room and he/she has lost something. Do not reveal what it is and just elongate the conversation with funny details and beating around the bush until the person gets mad. Then reveal that your friend has lost his/her virginity and then hear the exploding reaction.


2. Save Me From My Partner

You will need your partner in the background for this prank call. Just call up any random person and with a panicky voice tell him/her to help you out from your partner who has become lunatic and ask your partner to shout in the background to make it look realistic. 

You can ask the person to become an unbiased judge and say who is right and who is not. You can also tell him to talk to your partner and pacify him/her. When your partner takes that phone, tell him/her to use blast the person if he really tries to take your side. Freak out the person to such a level that he hangs up. 


3. Searching For Mr. and Mrs. Wall

Call up a random person and ask if Mr. Wall is there. Obvious the answer would be negative. Then ask if Mrs. Wall is there or not. If no, ask if there is any Walls there. When the person says that there is no wall here, reply back by saying “then what is holding up your house if there is no wall?”.


4. 11-Second Beat The Clock Challenge


Call up random guy or girl and tell them that you are calling for 11 Private Ltd and you will give the person 11 thousand dollars if the person can make 11 sexual sounds in 11 seconds. The person is sure to freak out at you.


5. Pretend To Be Ex-Partner

Call up a random number and when it is picked by a person of opposite gender, pretend that you called your ex-partner and say that you are sorry that you cheated and say all the things you have done. Definitely, the person would say wrong number, but you can say that if he/she is doing it willingly not to talk to you and avoid you completely. It is going to be hilarious and sensual. 


6. Pretend To Be A Parent Of Boyfriend/Girlfriend

You can call up a friend from an unknown number and pretend to be his/her partner’s parent. Ask the person to break up with “your son/daughter” as you have fixed his/her marriage with someone who is better than the person you have called. Also, state that your son has been with his/her would-be all the way through and that your son cheated with the person you called. This is going to be dramatic and funny.


7. Why Did You Hang Up On Me?


Call up a random person and blast him/her for hanging up the last call in the middle of the important conversation. Do not give the person any chance to talk and say how important the conversation was and how lightly he is taking the matter and stuff like that in one breath and finally apologized and hang up. 


8. Call Up Restaurant and Give An Exotic Order

Call up any restaurant and let them write down your long list of order for a bachelor party. Finally, say that you will only take the order and tell them your address only if they can send an exotic dancer for the bachelor party. Priceless!


9. Message Receiver

Call up a person and ask him whether he has received any message for him. He would certainly call you mad, but you have to convince him that your girlfriend said he would send a message to him in your name so that her parents do not suspect your relationship with her.


10. Hilarious Survey



Call up any person, and if possible, a known person from an unknown number and say you will give recharge voucher if he/she answers a few survey questions. Then ask hilarious questions that come to your mind that have no sense at all.


11. Random Calls With Random Question

Call random people and make them panic by saying stuff like do you have a refrigerator, then go and check what I placed inside it last night or do you have a boyfriend and girlfriend, do check out his/her WhatsApp messages next time. 


12. What's The Menu?

Call up a restaurant and inquire in details all the items they have and finally hang up the call saying thank you without placing any order. 


13. Roar Like An Animal



Call up a person and say in 3 seconds you will hear an animal sound and you have to recognize the sound. Then start roaring like lions and make the person deaf temporarily. 


14. Whose Money Is This?

Call up a person and say that you got a wallet on the road with lots of money in it and it has the number that you called. Ask him what to do with the wallet and whose it is. The person would have no clue, and he might just call up everyone in the process.


15. Web Surfing Trouble

You can call up a person and ask him/her about the sites she accessed last day and tell her that she accessed a particular site which has been banned and she will face legal problems for the same. You can even call up a friend from an unknown number and say that the comment he/she made on someone else's social media page was racist and the person registered a legal case against your friend. 

16. Who Called Whom?



This is one of the easiest prank calls where you call up a person and pretend that you receive a call, from him and start quarreling. 


17. Product Delivery

Call up a random person and say that he has a parcel and you want to verify the address. Then ask him in sarcastic tone what does the parcel has. Then say that the invoice has it has 10 kilos of cocaine.


If you have more prank call ideas that you have executed successfully do share them with us in the comment section and do try the above-ones to bring back some fun in your life.



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