15 Crazy and Funny Ways To Wake Someone Up!

There is always someone in our family who always likes to play a prank and make fun of everything no matter what. This, in turn, gives you the right to play some annoying pranks on them too. Today, we are listing 15 funny ways to wake someone up which could be your siblings, cousins, uncles, aunties and even parents.

You can also try this when someone is just not waking up after repeated attempts from you. The reaction of the targeted person will be priceless. Don't be afraid to try them out because life is dull without fun.



1. Bursting A Balloon

Bursting a balloon when you are sleeping is more like bursting a bomb because you would be completely unaware of what just happened. This is enough for a person in a deep sleep to sitting straight up. You can try this trick on any person especially if it is his birthday. 


2. Creating A Panic Situation



When you create a panic situation when someone is sleeping, he is likely to believe in you and jump off his bed in a panic. You could say something like Earthquake has struck, the fire has broken off, someone has got a heart attack and likewise.


3. Throwing Bucket Of Water

This is one of those funny ways to wake someone up that never get old. The reaction will be priceless, and your laughter won't just stop. Take care of the fact that the water should not go through the ears. 


4. Placing Pepper Near Nose

This is an extreme way where you keep pepper powder in front of the person in such a way that by no means it goes into his eyes. When the person wakes up, he will not stop sneezing. 


5. Hiding A Bluetooth Speaker



Buy A Bluetooth speaker and hide in some place in the room where the person is sleeping. Then from the other room, pay a horror sound that is long enough and scary. Increase the volume and scare the shit out of the sleeping person.


6. Making Your Pet Dog Bark

If you know the trick to make your dog bark like teasing it with its favorite dog and placing a fake animated toy in the ground would generally do that trick. Use the trick and let the dog bark in the room of the person sleeping and he would curse the pet like never before.


7. Jumping Over The Sleeper

If you have small kids at home, you can ask him or her to suddenly jump on the sleeping person to wake him up. Also, tell him to create a panic situation to confuse the person sleeping.


8. Placing Stinking Objects



If you have a stinking sock or stinking garbage bin, place an object of high stink near the person sleeping and the bad smell is sure to make the person wake up and get disgusted. You can also place the sock over the face slowly. If the room has the best smells, these stinking objects made the sleeping person run out of the bed.


9. Giving a Tight Spank

This is going to be hilarious where you spank a sleeping person in the hand, butt, legs suddenly as if a mosquito was sitting there and you were trying to kill it. The person will wake up with a jerk, and you should not try it, aged person. 


10. Placing Mobile Phone 

Keep a smartphone or Bluetooth speaker on full volume near the ear of the person sleeping. Set the ringtone into something very loud and go to the other room and make a call. It would be very annoying for the person to wake up from sleep suddenly.


11. Pouring Ice Cold Water



Well, it is time to bring back the ice bucket challenge, but the only difference is the targeted person will be sleep. Do not try this on aged person as it will either give them a cold or a heart attack.


12. Giving Tight Hug

If the person is you partner, sibling or your parent, you can just go and hug the person so tightly that he or she would not be able to breathe and would get agitated in your immature behavior. 


13. Shaking The Bed

Just hiding under the bed or on the side of it in such a way that the person will not be able to see you immediately. Then start shaking the bed slowly and in intervals, and the person would eventually jump out of bed thinking that an earthquake has stuck.


14. Launching A Tickle Attack



If you are two or three in a group, it would be better. Start tickling the sleeping person wherever you can until to wakes up with a jerk and starts shouting at you.


15. Turning The AC On

If it is winter, there is no better trick than to remove the blanket slowly and turn on the AC to the lowest temperature and the person would feel he is in a refrigerator. 

These bizarre things will wake up anyone whether the person is in a deep sleep. Do you have some more whacky tricks up your sleeves? Do share with us in the comment section and tell about the reaction of sleeper you got when you tried it. 



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