Top 10 Most Creepiest Museums You Need To Watch Out For!

The museum is one of the creepiest man-made places in the world. They have featured several times in horror movies. There are over 55,000 museums in 202 countries around the world. Some of them have the ill-reputation of being scary and some people avoid them in fear for something evil might happen to them.

The reason of the fear factor is due to the weird stuff present inside the museums. Here are the top ten creepiest museums you need to watch out for. 



Check out Most Creepiest Museums in the World


1. Meguro Parasitological Museum 


Location – Tokyo, Japan

This is probably is a disgusting place to be in the first place. You might just skip a few meals after visiting this museum. It has over 450000 specimens of weird parasites looking directly into your eyes. One of them is the largest tapeworm in the world over 28 feet long. The different graphic effects also make the place really scary. 


2. Catacombs of Palermo


Location: Palermo, Italy.

It is popularly called as the Italian museum of death because the bodies lined up one by one in the walls are real dead bodies of great monks and people from different communities. The bodies are collected from the late 16th century to early 19th century. You would be scared as hell to look at their faces.


3. Cushing Center at Yale University


Location: New Haven, Connecticut, US

The resume has all the awful things in their vast collection of jars like human body parts, babies with abnormalities, cross-breed animals like a snake with the head of a rat, a baby with three heads and such weird stuff that you will be tempted to see but regret after seeing. 


4. Madame Tussauds


Location: London

It is undoubted the most famous museum in the world, but it had a dark past where living people used to be covered with wax just like you saw in the House of Wax movie. Later, dead bodies used to be covered with wax, and you can actually see some real skulls behind the waxy layer.


5. John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal


Location: Stratford, Connecticut, US

Anyone will shake in their boots to walk in this museum alone because it has all the different collections of things that are considered to have a collection with paranormal. Possessed dolls, weird mirrors, rocking chairs and a huge array of objects are available for display. 


6. Museum Of Anatomy


Location:  University of Otago, New Zealand

This is another disgusting museum to be in. It contains the model of the anatomy of organs of different animals including human beings. You might just vomit on the spot seeing them as they are vivid and some of them are real. 


7. Mutter Museum


Location: Philadelphia, USA

This mysterious museum has all the different types of mysteries things in the world. Some of the popular items are a body of a woman which turned into soap after death. 5 foot human with 20 kg of poop, human horn coming out of a woman's forehead nasty tumors and what not. 


8. The Museum Of Death


Location: Los Angeles, California, US

This museum has a collection of the most horrifying crime scenes and items designed by serial killers. The collections discovered from several lunatic murderers like heads of dead people, weird coffins, and suicide notes will make a cold finger run through your spine.


9. The Voodoo Museum


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Many of you might know the mystical power of Voodoo through which you can gain anything you want starting from getting any girl to make someone sick. It is something referred to as black magic, and this museum holds all the instruments of Voodoo and what they can help you achieve. Some of the items are really creepy like snake skin, lizard tail, chicken feet and likewise. 


10. Icelandic Phallological Museum


Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

It is literally hilarious to visit this museum because it has a collection of the penis of different species starting from a blue whale to human beings. It could be the most cringy place you can ever be. 


Visiting these creepiest museums alone when they open in the morning is probably the worst decision you can ever make in your life!



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