13 Excuses To Leave Work Early That Your Boss Will Believe!

Only 13% people in the world love their jobs while others are doing it forcefully to earn a living. In a nine to five job, everyone waits for the clock to strike five in the evening to get the hell out of their workplace. Sometimes, you get so stressed and exhausted, they would wish you could get out of the workplace early to relax at home.

Sometimes, it could be sometimes personal like going out secretly with your partner. But you always lack genuine and believable excuses to leave work early. The following is a compilation of excuses to leave home early that your boss will buy into and let you let. 



1. Sudden Death Of A Person



The death of a person is an excuse that works every time. But you can use this only once or twice when you desperately need to leave work early. Make a panicky face, coordinate your voice accordingly and breath heavily to make it work perfectly. 


2. Sudden Health Issue Of Parents



Health issues are always sudden, and when it concerns your parents, your boss won't be able to deny your request. Again, you should not use it very often, and you should say that you are the only boy or girl your parents have. 


3. Appointment With Doctor



This is another health related thing, and you can actually provide the details the doctor and the hospital for believability. You can say that you are taking your wife, parents or kids.


4. Infectious Illness



Illness is the most common excuse that employees use, but they make the mistake of saying that they have a fever, headache, diarrhea and stuff like that that are not granted by the boss. But if you name any of the infectious diseases, your boss will grant your an early leave because he would not want other employees to get the same. 


5. Deterioration Of Health



This is quite a general excuse where people say that they are not feeling well after having lunch. But you can exaggerate it by saying that you are vomiting and make faces to look weak from inside. 


6. Accident Of Your Siblings



Accidents are a natural occurrence in today's life. You should give this excuse only when you need to leave work immediately, and you have to make a panic face, after all, it is your sibling. 


7. Appointment With A Lawyer



A legal matter is as important for health deterioration, and it is a unique excuse that you can give and your boss is sure to buy it and let you go. 


8. Kids Returning Home Early



If you are a mother, you can use this excuse to your advantage saying your husband won't be able to come back home and hence, you have to leave early as the school will be given over quickly. If you are a father, you can use the same excuse but only once or twice.


9. Neighbors Creating Problems



This is a unique excuse where you can say that your home is under renovation from the outside, but suddenly your contractor called you up as the neighbors are complaining and getting agitated. Make your boss show you sorry face that you have to go and your boss will give in.


10. Returning Family Members



You have to say that you have been staying at home alone as your family members went to relatives place. They are returning, and you have to go home to let them in. If you are staying alone or in a mess, you can always say that your parents are coming to visit you due to prior booking on weekdays and hence, you have to leave early.


11. Personal Issues



This is quite tricky, and hence, you should use it rarely. If you are a girl, you can use it often because your boss will think it is a woman's issue like period and stuff. But if you are a boy and use it often, you are only going to piss your boss. 


12. Home Emergency



You can say that your neighbor called you because your water pipe burst and they have called a person to fix it. It is natural that you have to be present to execute it like opening your home for the plumber to come in and fix it. 


13. Special Occasion



Unless you have a heartless boss and too much work pressure, you can name some special occasion to get away early from your job. It could be real or you making it up. It will work once in six months or a year and should not be used until required. 


Honorable Reason – The Real Reason

If you are a top performer and have a good relationship with your boss, it is always better to say the real reason unless it is too embarrassing to say or too personal. 


Do you have any other reasons with which you escaped early from your workplace? Do mention them in the comment section and start using the above one on different occasions.




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