Top 10 Haunted Places In Texas That Will Haunt You


With the beautiful fun and festivities going all through Texas, there are many numbers of creepy haunted hotels, hospitals, warehouses and many other buildings that lurk in the shadows. There are plenty of haunted places in Texas, but these are the most haunted buildings that make your bone-chilled and gives you creepy dreams.



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1. Presidio La Bahia – Goliad, TX:




In the Presidio La Bahia, there are many numbers of Texas Revolution conflicts occurred that include the Goliad Massacre as well as Battle of Goliad. In fact, it is said that this house is still the place for angry, scared as well as hurt spirits.





2. La Carafe – Houston, Texas:




During the Civil War, La Carafe is one of the most haunted homes of all and especially the second floor is said to haunt by the ghosts. Many guests who have visited the La Carafe reported that they had seen the apparition of largely African American Man who is walking around the stairs and they have heard the sound of the body being dragged.





3. Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, TX:




Baker Hotel in Texas is one of the most haunted places in the history. Many witnessed that two spirits still lurks inside the hotel's walls. One spirit is claimed to have seen Ghost of a man who has caught and killed in an elevator door. Another ghost is the bloody nude woman on the 7th floor.





4. The Jefferson Hotel – Jefferson, TX:




The Jefferson Hotel is normally the talk of the town as many witnessed about the ghosts and spooky legends. The Jefferson Hotel has many paranormal activities that include footsteps clattering down the halls, knocking on the walls and doors in the middle of the night, voices echoing in vacant rooms and doors opening on their own.





5. Spaghetti Warehouse – Houston, TX:




Spaghetti Warehouse is one of the haunted places in Texas. It is located before cotton storage facility but it is not changed into a restaurant. Most ghostly activities used to happen at 2nd floor.





6. Hotel Galvez – Galveston, TX:





Hotel Galvez is the oldest hotel on the island, and it is the most haunted place especially Room 505. The smell of gardenias is considered as the sign of the ghost's presence. Guests are running from their rooms because of the creepy presence in the hotels.





7. Emily Morgan Hotel – San Antonio, TX:





This building was the advanced medical arts facility before it became a hotel. The building previously had a hospital, surgery floors, crematorium and more. There are many hauntings guests report such as phone ringing in the middle of the night, TV and lights randomly coming on and more.





8. Littlefield House – Austin, TX:





Littlefield House is haunted by Alice Littlefield, the mistress of the house. Alice Littlefield rarely left the house in her life as she becomes allegedly insane.





9. Bragg Road Ghost Lights – Saratoga, TX:





Everyone in the East Texas knows about Bragg Road Ghost Lights. The light flicker at most nights would flicker on and off in the distance, and it is haunted by ghosts.





10. Granbury Opera House – Granbury, TX:





Granbury Opera House is an old theater reported to be haunted by the Tall man wearing black with black boots. Some say that it is the spirit of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's assassin.




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