3 of the best stand-up comedies that Indians can totally relate to!!


Stand-up comedy is a thing that we borrowed from the west! And although still in its infancy, these gigs have started to attract huge crowds ranging from kids to adults and even the golden oldies! Two of the more popular stand-up comedians on YouTube, Abijit Ganguly & Naveen Richard show us how simple things of buying a condom, making an emergency call & making potty on a train (guess this one's an emergency too cheeky) in India, can be the most hilarious of things ever to happen (or they make it seem so). Go on and watch them yourself!




1. The experience of buying a condom! by Abijit Ganguly


Buying condoms is still considered as a huge stigma in our nation, of a population of about 1.4 Billion, probably the reason why! cheeky Here is a stand-up comedy by the well-known comedian from Delhi, Abijit Ganguly, looking at the funny side of how buying a condom can be an embarrassing affair! Even more so in front of the antagonist group of aunties, kids and the dreadful pharmacist!





2. Using the toilet in the Indian Railways train is no small feat! by Naveen Richard


This hilarious gig by Bangalorean Naveen Richard shows how extraordinarily cumbersome and at the same time rib-tickling it is to take a dump in our beloved train toilets! He also talks about the ordeals that we have to face while pooping in that open-bottom squat-all-you-want toilet… systems?




3. Calling the emergency service numbers in the multilingual nation of India! by Naveen Richard


Another hilarious stand-up comedy by Naveen, calling forth the problems of an emergency in combination with not knowing the local language! It's really wonderful how he turns the smallest of issues into a comical situation, some which we would never have thought of!


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