26 Dumbest Tweets Ever Posted That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Just like intelligence, there is no limitation of stupidity and ridiculousness. With the emergence of social networking site, You do not have to visit a person to know what is up is his or her life. You can just check his or her Facebook or Twitter account. While some people know how to write something intelligent and creative rather than normal status update, others try too hard and end up posting dumbest tweets ever on the internet. No wonders why some people always become an internet troll once he/she exposes his/her stupidity. Some of these ridiculous tweets also come from celebrities whom their fans worship. The following is a complete compilation of the dumbest tweets ever that will give you a good laugh.




1. First Time Experience







Anything first time always makes you nervous, but she took it to the next level. Can a daughter be a boy?


2. R.I.P. English



This girl should have used Google translate or wrote the second line without seeing the first one.


3. Redefining Earth



This only exposes the guy's lack of knowledge. Why can't some people stop posting about things they have no idea about?


4. Totally Intoxicated



These are the type of tweets people make when they are just too high. They should get a divorce for such stupid tweets. 


5. Hybrid Of Tree and Bird



Looks like she got turned on too much last night and the hangover was there when she posted it. Even a bird will be ashamed to learn that it has leaf instead of a feather. 


6. Please Do As You Say



This could be the only time you would wish the tweet comes true because it is beyond the level of stupidity. 


7. What A Logic?



I can only imagine what will happen to the teacher if she writes that in biology examination paper. The person will give up teaching!


8. Check Your Gender



Girl, you do not have to wait to know whether you will or aunt or uncle if you take a gender test of yourself first.


9. She Deserves A Medal



The girl has the wildest imaginative mind else no one else would be able to link Ebola to a country. Thank God my country is not Ebola!


10. Ban This Girl



It would not be surprising to see an account getting banned for reaching the last level of ridiculousness. What do such people eat to think that way?


11. Overdose Of Competition


This is what happens when you are too focussed to get A+ in everything you come across. Stop competing and get a life. 


12. Lack Of Autocorrect


If this girl becomes an entrepreneur, the world is surely going to come to an end. Don't tell her to watch these entrepreneur related movies, or else she will come back with more of her thoughts.


13. Total Black Out


We had to totally block out this person because someone from you may just kill this person after reading his dumbest tweet!


14. One Minute Silence For This Guy



When you do not know the meaning of a word, please avoid using it else you will soon R.I.P.

15. Kayne West


This guy wants to be the President of the United States Of America in 2020. May God bless the people of the USA!


16. What A Connection!



When North Korea is attacking the USA which is the so-called world leader, how is China related to it? Dumbest president ever?


17. Insanity



What the hell does that even mean? THese people should be coming up with their own encryption algorithm to protect against hacking of data. 


18. Girls and Sports – Never Happening!



NFL takes place every year while President election takes place after every four years. Some guys and girls talk shit all the freaking time!


19. That's Too Deep To Make Any Sense



This guy is one of the youngest millionaires in the world, and it shows that even the dumbest people can be rich.


20. When Your Kids Are Too Proud Of Their Parents



That is what happens when people think social media sites is the place where they can ask dumb questions without researching.


21. Some Girls Are Obsessed



Some girls are so obsessed with male's sexual parts that they want it in everything they see around them!


22. The World is Facebook



That is exactly why celebrities always need to hire a social media manager. Dumb AF!


23. Crazy Fan



That moment when you are so focused on reaching your goal that you forget the rest of the stuff around you.


24. Book A Bed In Mental Asylum


It looks like other than straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, there is another kind. 


25. Beauty Without Brain



Her intelligence does not reside in her brain, it has also spread out across her body!


26. He Is Surely Drunk



One should always stay away from the internet once they are drunk, else their true character will be exposed in public. 

Never be in a hurry to post tweets especially when your brain is distracted. Take your time and recheck your tweets before posting so that you do not become an internet troll.



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