Life Struggles That Only A Late Morning Person Can Relate To!

Getting up in the early morning is one of the biggest struggles in the lives of most of the people. If there is no certain compulsion, most of us will sleep as much as the lunchtime. Getting up early in the morning is not only good for the health, but there are various advantages you get in your life activities. The following is the list of struggles a late riser face in his life.

The Morning Dream –

It is said that the morning dreams are the most pleasant. But your fantastic dream can come to a halt abruptly when that morning alarm rings or the commotion of the outside world hits your ears. It is always a struggle to switch off the alarm and cover your ears to isolateĀ all the noise and get back to your beautiful dream.

The Late Realization –

When you wake up late in the morning, and when you realize that you are terribly late for your school, college, or work, and you have so many essential things to do like brushing, bathing and getting ready, your life becomes stressful and terrible.

The Question Session –

Keeping aside the continuous attempts of your family members to get you up from the sleep, it is annoying when someone questions you in your sleepy state as to what you will have in the breakfast, where are the keys, and various such things. It is a real struggle to get up from your sleepy state and get your brain together to answer.

Pulling The Curtain –

How would you feel when someone directly the headlights of their car directly on your eyes out of nowhere in the dark? Rude, right? This is exactly what the late risers have to face when the parents pull apart the curtains and the blazing sunlight falls directly on your face as if the sun has come down.

Switching The Fan Off –

It is a ritual to clean the home in the early morning and your parents or your housemaid will not show you any sympathy whatsoever and turn off the fan to clean the room. Well, it is one thing if it is winter or rainy season, the summer will literally make you bleed out a gallon of sweat in no time.

The Sound Of Inevitability –

If your family members have the habit of worshipping in the morning or you have a temple nearby your home, it does not matter how rhythmic the sound of the bell or the prayer is, it is going to heat up your brain with annoyance. The struggle is to endure it for at least half an hour or more.

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